Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


You other than the systemic murder, he loved those guys.


Since Hitler was not anti gay (which is a blatant lie, in fact), he’s supposed to be a good guy? Is that this felon’s argument?


Apparently. It’s all about normalizing Hitler now.

I like how he’s very defensive about being called a fascist and then literally defends Hitler.


And, by the way, I never thought there would
be serious debate in my lifetime about how evil/ not evil Hitler/ Nazis were. It’s like living in a nightmare.


Define serious.

I mean, I’ve known people who think the Nazis were good guys. We called them racist idiots.


I think it is more of a defense of being anti-gay. See, it doesn’t mean you are like Hitler (I guess the pink triangles weren;t actually a thing)


History is irrelevant. The facts are irrelevant. There are Russian gay nazi organizations. I mean, come on.


Was Dinesh D’Souza ever NOT insane?

I mean, he wasn’t always this pants on head retarded, was he?


Maybe it happened in prison.

I suspect he was always an idiot though.


D’Souza is trying to wrest the crown of stupidest person on the internet from the gateway pundit.

This probably should go in a different thread but for me highlights how wrong some of the Democratic hand wringing is over trying to win the “white working class” with Biden (or someone like him.) Debating tax policy or government spending is an “issue.” Racism is a moral rot.


Olivia Nuzzi, too. Liberal media indeed.

Is there a word for when you feel embarrassed about your naïveté? Because I feel dumb as hell. I assumed that when Nuzzi and her down-the-middle cohorts wrote things like this glowing profile of Mike Cernovich in New York magazine, they went home and immediately took a hot shower to wash off the stink. I didn’t realize they were just writing about their friends.



Are we great again yet?


Apparently there are only 35 of them.



This is probably the best solution. If this stuff is truly beyond the pale in society- enough of a chilling effect will happen, and these folks will slink back into the shadows. They’ll still be dangerous but not as much of a threat.




Bloody fucking hell. We are so fucked.


If you ever doubt that stereotypes are true, take a look at this guy from Patriot Prayer who was arrested in Portland yesterday:

Bishop’s friend told court officials that Bishop suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after an Army injury. Bishop told court authorities that he has a traumatic brain injury, and that using medication is against his religious beliefs, according to court records. The friend also told court officials that Bishop is part of a gaming world called "War Hammer,’’ is a certified tattoo artist and is "quiet and like a hermit,’’ according to the court documents.