Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Just references to Indian culture because Tara, the white supremacist alt right icon is… 1/8th Indian


Yes, the guy was a fucked up, shitty person. That’s why he embraced folks like Milo, and engaged on The Donald subreddit.

Those people are not normal people. They’re fucked up. Fucked up people do fucked up things.



Is “The Donald” banned yet?


Russian sockpuppets and emotionally damaged troglodytes need a home too, man.


Of course not, they bring in too much revenue.


Apparently they make real effort to stay just within the lines of not getting banned. They know there’s a bullseye on their head.

Also, reddit knows if it gets banned they’ll probably see those folks move somewhere else and wreck things there- a containment area is needed.


They’ve only banned a few very small subs so far. At least they finally got around to r/zoophilia so I guess that’s a step in the right direction.


I remember when one of the free speech/libertarian UKIP politicians decided to pick dogfucking as his hill to die on. Much amusement was to be had.


What about robot dogs?


If he sees a robot dog he’s fucking it right in the middle of the street. It’s a combination he wont be able to resist.


Trump supporters could watch him fuck a dog in the middle of the street and they wouldn’t care. It’s incredible, their loyalty!


Nazi Justice Warriors on the Guardian website complaining about being victimised by Wolfenstein. Very 2017.


I hope ‘LAB’ in that poll refers to ‘Labrador’


A nazi named Goldman? 🤔


Probably forgot he’s logged on to his Jewish sockpuppet account.

If you sort by score and read the low ones you can find the alt right who identify as Nazis and are offended.


They’re so angry!


Man, Santa’s life has taken a dark turn.


A strafing run would be appropriate. Make the world a better place and all.


This guy gets it.