Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Not reading. Looking elsewhere.


Yeah I didn’t know the terminology either, but I could guess.

The point is, young, middle-aged or old men are not alone because they are fat. They’re not alone because they’re not the most attractive block on the play matt. They might be alone if they actually smell, but mostly it’s a combination of oozing self-loathing and this weirdo expectation that somehow while they think they are at the bottom of the barrel, pre hate all women stage, they expect to date and sleep with models. That picture above from @TranquilityBase is a good example although I can’t really tell who is the target in that, the woman I assume and not the pillow dating guy?


Gemini countered that Project Veritas had misrepresented itself in its insurance application:

O’Keefe would never, ever do such a thing, would he?..


I’ll see your redpanels and raise you a redpill comic.


Of course. She’s a lonely, bitter old biddy and he’s a happy man with a pillow enjoying life.



All of the words people are saying in this thread now are terrible and I don’t like it.


So build a bridge to them ;)


Ah Infowars - not only did you push Russian propaganda, you stole it…






This year’s slogan for the march was “We Want God,” invoking a Polish religious song discussed extensively in President Donald Trump’s July speech, in which he called Poland an example for those with “the will to defend our civilization.”

Krzsztof Bosak, a former member of Parliament from the National Movement, a small political party once formally affiliated with the ONR, said Trump’s speech was “exactly what should be said.”

When the Nazis start the next war in Europe, we’re going to be on the wrong side.


So part of Poland totally forgot who stomped them into oblivion?

I’ve read so many stories of British citizens complaining about immigrant Poles. Do these Fascist Poles not see the horrible, horrible irony?


Technically, the fascists stomped the crap out of the Polish, and then the Russians did… So really, this is double idiotic.


You’d think that would make them adverse to authoritarian viewpoints, but people are fundamentally stupid.


I just hope we’re not in the Axis in the next world war.


New campaign slogan; “Are we the baddies?”


I mean, it seems obligatory after every conflict.