Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Veterans aren’t the folks acting like children here. Many of them don’t like it, but nearly all of them say they have a right to kneel.

It’s the fascist snowflakes who are too cowardly to serve who are the ones triggered by it.


America was one of three nations to vote against the yearly resolution, called: “Combating glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”.

The two other countries that voted against the resolution were Ukraine and Palau, while 131 voted in favour and 48 nations abstained.

Officials from the US state department said free speech protections, among other problems with the resolution, made it impossible for America to support the document.

The other problems cited by the US include concerns that Russia is using it to carry out political attacks against its neighbours.


A weekend conference organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer was shut down after the owners of the Maryland farm he rented discovered he was behind the event.

The think tank that Spencer leads, the National Policy Institute, hosted the conference for about 100 people at Rocklands Farm, a winery and events venue in Montgomery County. Spencer said in an interview that a third-party logistics company contacted Rocklands Farm on behalf of the National Policy Institute this month and didn’t reveal that white nationalists were affiliated with the event when they booked it. The company told the farm’s management only that it was a “corporate” gathering, according to Spencer.

The conference started about 11 a.m. Sunday and was scheduled to continue until 8 p.m. Caterers at Rocklands Farm served brunch, and participants recapped 2017. At about 4 p.m., Spencer said, someone working the event learned that Spencer was there, and management told everyone to leave.


Actual Nazis and the Alt Right GOP

Michael Karkoc is wanted for arrest in Poland after the country’s war crimes prosecutors said they are “100 percent” certain that Karkoc commanded a SS company and that there was “no doubt” that his men razed two Polish villages, killing 40 civilians. In July, Poland requested Karkoc’s extradition from the U.S. and is waiting for a decision. (The Justice Department said it does not comment on extradition requests.)

In June 2013, the Associated Press reported Karkoc was a SS officer and that one of his men told Soviet investigators that his unit had been ordered to “liquidate all the residents” of the village of Chlaniow, Poland, resulting in the deaths of men, women and children.

After the AP published its exposé, Karkoc made three separate contributions to the Republican National Committee totaling $3,850 between September 2013 and May 2014. These are the only federal campaign contributions he has made, according to available records.

The RNC did not respond to a request for comment.



Whole lotta chatter about normalizing Nazis over the weekend. I won’t link to the article that initiated it, because the idiots who perpetrated it don’t deserve to be rewarded with clicks for their tone-deaf and sloppy - and that’s the best possible interpretation of it - work. So here are the parodies instead:

The Atlantic: Nazis Are Just Like You And Me, Except They’re Nazis


How about a link to the NY Times defending the article, rather than the article itself?


I mean… how do you defend shit like this:


Wasnt the intent of the article to show how apparently normal people go wrong? Clearly that was (imo) the intent.

But we live in unsubtle times with abstraction an apparently 20th C quaintness. And we deplore othering while expecting our enemies to be utterly othered.


Except the dude isn’t normal. At all. He’s an organized Nazi with plans to bring about a fascist America that he’s acted on.


I think it’s ok to other Nazis.


Again though, thats the point. How do “we” become Nazis.

What everyone wants desperately for the NYT to do is make it clear that he is not Us. Even though this is a guy that goes to Applebees and Panera and looks just like any old schmo, and has never had any dramatic racial antagonisms that drove him to his position. Hes most certainly not One Of Us.

Well maybe we should look hard at how people like him radicalize because like it or not he is One of Us, as surely as racism or sexism is as well.


By being worthless sacks of shit.

I’ve known plenty of white supremacists. They get there by people coddling them and letting them be that way.

I knew a guy who wished the Klan was still around so he could join it. Why? Because his life was shitty and he was a shitty person and he wanted to blame someone else and all he could take pride in was being born. This was in the late 90’s.

Maybe if he hadn’t flunked out of high school and gotten chain DUIs for driving while too drunk to stand, things would’ve been different. Of if he’d used less drugs. Maybe it was his parents. All I know is that at no point was he “us” in any real way that I ever saw. He hated everyone. Maybe if that girl he liked hadn’t dated a black dude he would’ve turned out better? Somehow I doubt it.


Sure, we should look at all that stuff. Nazis are people too, literally, by definition. When I reread Shirer I find it scarily easy to identify with that crazy gang of misfits who took on the world and almost won. Then I think about Riga and all the rest of it.

Once someone’s got a swastika tattoo and saying Hitler was an OK fella, then I at least will view them as an Other. You don’t ‘agree to disagree’ with people who think it was all right to murder large swaths of the population; you shame and shun them.


And nothing in that article was about agreeing to disagree. My point - literally being made here in this thread - is that we see today the failure to directly condemn, over and over, the same thing as acceptance. You can’t talk about how people become Nazis without deliberately saying “Yes, Nazis are bad, and yes, everything this person stands for is terrible.”

It also works the other way - it’s not you enjoying your privilege, it’s that other guy. It’s not you being sexist in society, it’s them over there! It’s not you supporting the status quo, you’re an angel of progressive values. I’m not the other! I’m One of Us! The good people!


Not condemning IS accepting. That’s not okay. These are Nazis, documented killers who want to destroy others who are barely, barely held back by laws.


I haven’t decided what I think about the article, actually. I just objected to the term ‘othering’ being used in a pejorative sense about condemnation of Nazis. They are ‘other,’ except in the trivial sense of ‘we are all h.sapiens.’


I mean obviously. But being unable to comprehend or even look at why normal people turn bad is like screaming NAZIS! in a circular argument any time someone asks how do people become Nazis (or some other extremist view). Nazis are the other because the other are Nazis. They’re comic book villains who come from mud after rainstorms and disappear into the dust when defeated, waiting for the right climate to spring forth again.

And this is way more relevant than the USA. We’re hyper sensitive to this. Places like Hungary or Poland… not so much. They’re unable (for various reasons) to look at why people turn Nazis… and lots of people are now turning Nazi.


And this, in a nutshell, is social media.


No, they’re actual human monsters that kill people. And we have one of the largest media organizations in the world whitewashing them.

Also: I fucking hate when someone does a great analysis on Twitter of all places and then you can’t find it again.

The dude wasn’t a sympathizer, he’s part of this:

He’s got a podcast where he chat with his other Nazi buddy and complains about “the Jew” destroying everything.

You keep asking: “Why do these people become Nazis?”

The answer is: they’re terrible fucking people. Terrible people have always existed and will always exist. The end.
They only show up because we stop shooting them.

Heimblach from that SPLC link is the dude he does podcasts with iirc.

Hell, Hovater is even on that page.