Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Why is this difficult to understand. There are dozens of white guys out there that are essentially cookie cutters of Andrew Anglin.

  1. College Drop Out - we often either give up on young people too soon and label them as not college material or we shove them towards college as if somehow college is a fix all guaranteed path to all things good. When they don’t succeed there, they can wind up worse off than a high school dropout or grad because unless they’re rich or have responsible middle class parents, they just wound up with a year or two of college based debt they can’t really pay back. So now we have young people who feel like failures because they didn’t make it and now they’re drowning in debt. Bernie picked up some of this group or some who feared to fall in this group but we don’t have a lot of good places for them… maybe some appreciative ears but no real solution.

  2. Women - I have a cousin who bases his entire outlook on women as a sex on whether or not he is currently together or apart from his girlfriend. Seriously, women kind is all that plus a bag of chips when they’re together, and we’re bottom feeding conniving bitches who control the lives of men when they’re apart. This outlook in life is toxic and unrealistic. No one else besides some churches is going to cater to this kind of outlook

  3. Being Polite, / Political Correctness - This is hard. It’s not easy for anyone who tries, and it’s not fun. At the same time, it forces you to look at other groups, and your view of the world and maybe actually learn a thing or two when called out. If you stay in juvenile mode it’s just running around on social media telling everyone how much Freedom of Speech you’re exercising. There are a few fringe groups that cater to this.

  4. Drugs seriously do we have stats on how many of the American Nazis do drugs and/or heavy alcohol. The white supremacists I’ve run into are heavy into drugs and alcohol. It’s a top pass time.

  5. Personal Responsibility - So you flunked out of college. Your girlfriend left you. You’re working a low skill job or not getting the recognition you want and bad thing ares generally happening. It’s everyone’s fault but yours. I think there might be too much so called “tough love” out there but the other-side of the coin, when the world is working against you… some groups cater to that but most of don’t give up because the alternative is smoking pot in a mobile homing shifting between rage and sorrow over a lost girlfriend and hanging onto a job where your treated bad by the company and the clients. This is a miserable spot to be in, They need to crawl out of it but no one can help if they won’t even try.

  6. Blame - if it’s not your fault, who’s is it? Nszis shine here.

What other group out there can these guys join that will allow them to take their lives, which often is not even close to what they imagined it should be, not the life they feel entitled to, and allow them to not only abdicate full responsibility but has a checklist ready to go down for all the people you can blame for your lack of happiness and easy going success. Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Women, liberals… Suddenly you not only have a tribe to join, you have a ready made blame factory, and boy doesn’t it feel good that it’s the world’d fault and not yours?

I mean I get. I’ve been down before. If gone to the bank to see how close to zero if not at zero I was.

But what other group would have them? Even the evangelicals require you to go to church and read.



There seems to still be this notion among some that you can somehow “save” Nazis. That you can just make them see how their ideology is fucked up.

No dude. That’s not real. That is never gonna happen.

In WWII, we killed Nazis BY THE MILLIONS. Their ideology led to the destruction of their nation, and the deaths of millions of their own people.

At this point, you have the benefit of hindsight. If you STILL follow Nazi ideology, you cannot be saved.

The answer is to kill Nazis. Sorry to be the guy who says this, but that’s the end game. That’s where this road leads. The choice isn’t about whether this ends in violence. The only choice is whether we allow it to fester into Germany in the 1930’s, and allow them to kill millions of innocents and potentially destroy the entire world before we kill them.

I say we kill them now. Fuck Nazis.


Breitbart contributor (150+ articles) running racist/fascist facebook group:

Jack Hadfield, a third-year politics student at the University of Warwick in the U.K., has written more than 150 articles for Breitbart News, mainly focusing on technology. But in his spare time he runs the Facebook group Young Right Society (YRS), which has over 200 members and bills itself as “a place for those who are on the Right…to discuss politics, philosophy, and general Right-wing stuff with as little censorship or government intervention as possible.”

While a portion of YRS includes more moderate right-wingers, the British anti-fascism charity Hope Not Hate has discovered that it also serves as a platform for those who advocate fascism and white supremacy.


Dude lives within minutes from me. The Applebee’s mentioned in the NYT piece was a regular snack place for me and the wife 20 years ago.

Timex’s post from months ago about how these people are so typically white trash losers who need to blame some minority for their own failures in life comes to mind again.




Looks like she stole his speech notes.

This is shit all around. As a German seeing the Nazi asshats raising their ugly mugs again all overt the world, including here, is horrifying in a way I can´t put to words. I have a daughter on the way and I intensely hope we can turn a corner. I don`t want her to grow up in a word full of hate.


Original tweets are from deputy leader of Britain First, which aims to provoke a Christian/Muslim religious war.


Britain First are openly racist white supremacists and ethno-nationalists.

edit: vote him right in the ballot box instead.


Trump retweeting neo Nazis, and the GOP cowards just roll blithely along. Gotta get that ‘tax cut’ so the Koch money train keeps making stops. Fuck them.


I understand how passionate everyone can be about this subject, but I would be much obliged if the otherwise reasonable posters on this forum would refrain from openly advocating, approving of, or encouraging the killing of people, no matter reprehensible those people are. You may continue to advocate fucking them in the ear or whatever other colorful turns of phrase you’d like to apply, but please ease up on the killing stuff.



Hear, hear. More sugar in the gas tank, less cutting of brake lines.

Not summarily executing loathsome Others is what separates Us from Them.


Apologies, but I saw red and ragetyped that.

The damage, pain and suffering caused by his empowerment of these vermin is massive.


I feel like this should be the motto for something, but I’m not sure what.


Also the fact that they want to execute you based on your race, rather than based on stopping you from executing innocent people.

Drawing equivalence is like saying putting a kidnapper in prison is the same as kidnapping people.


We can have a lot of fun taking turns on the metaphorical slip n’ slide.

But instead of inciting the good people of this forum to violence, even to capital crimes, how about we brainstorm and implement positive counters to Naziism? Bonus points for concrete and applicable methods we can use in our localities, and more bonus points for actions that don’t have terrible consequences like prison sentences and fora shutdowns.

Here’s a start (doesn’t have to be the best idea just 'cause it’s first out of the gate; it’s an icebreaker):

Figure out how our local communities pushed back against hate groups historically, like America First before Pearl Harbor or the KKK. Was it through grass roots initiatives, or was it just through Captain America socking Hitler on a comic book cover and Superman portraying Klansmen as idjits on “his” radio show? Surely the right-minded people of the time didn’t twiddle their thumbs until lowbrow pop culture came to save them.


Thank goodness.


We went to war against the Nazis… that’s pretty concrete. Talking did nothing.