Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Wtf is wrong with this school?


Woot, woot! I’m qualified to join an exclusive club! Time to ambulate.


I don’t know but I imagine some employers doing a deep dive on social media finding an applicant doing a sig heil here may find that interesting. If I were a parent of one of these I’d want to give him a few Stooges Moe-like slaps to the head.

So anyway, 1) Stupid male teens, a group notorious for being dumb and, 2) Privileged whites laughing about being racist, and 3) Some probably on the way to being drunk. That’s how I would explain it.

My hope is that for many this will be chalked up to the mistakes of youth and they might come round and be decent moderates or even liberals. When you’re in a big group like this at a social event like a prom, many who probably already have downed a few shots, it’s easy to be a lemming without thinking. I hope that is what that is for a lot of these kids.


A leaked Discord server of the group “National Socialist Legion” sheds further light into the trajectory taken by neo-Nazi groups after the Charlottesville rally in 2017.

Unicorn Riot has gained access to thousands of messages from the National Socialist Legion’s Discord server, spanning from July to August 2018 as the group prepared to attend ‘Unite the Right 2‘ in Washington D.C., where a few dozen neo-Nazis were outnumbered by thousands of anti-racist counter-protesters. Leaked National Socialist Legion (NSL) chat logs show members discussed activities such as harassing members of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community three months before the murder of 11 members of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh by neo-Nazi Robert Bowers. NSL members later celebrated Robert Bowers and also shared details about their own violent intentions.

The leaked chat logs we obtained begin during a leadership transition for the National Socialist Legion after the resignation of the group’s former leader, known as ‘Fox‘, a man from Sulphur Springs, Texas. ‘Fox’ was previously a member of Vanguard America and organized the group’s Texas branch and was active user on the Southern Front Discord server. ‘Fox’ made an appearance at a September 2017 protest opposing the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas, Texas while holding the Vanguard America flag alongside William Fears, who was later charged with attempted murder for firing a gun at protestors following a talk by Richard Spencer in Florida.


A parent took that picture.


One of my friends teaches at UW in Madison and he mentioned that the kid in the upper right refused to participate. I didn’t read all the details, but I guess some folks in the area are trying to raise money to fund his college tuition as a result.



Well, as far as Nazi salutes go. Maybe not in other respects.


Not a fan of bow ties?



Can you please put a NSFL warning on that?


Not Safe For Life?


Welcome to 2 days ago.

Right now, there is at least one kid who didn’t do it that has talked to the press, and he said that the photographer had asked them to do it, and their parents were all there. The photo was also found on the photographer’s twitter account.

I wonder if this nazi salute has to do with the sign in the middle that seemingly is saying that they aren’t allowed to take photos on the government steps.

At least, that would the the explanation I would use for this absolutely stupid and juvenile photo.


So, here is an update from a local paper

The Baraboo photographer whose work inflamed social media and caused the school district to launch an investigation said the photo was a product of bad timing after he asked students to “raise your hands and say goodbye” to the camera.

Peter Gust had the idea — “a brain fart,” as he put it — based on wedding photos he’s taken of groomsmen waving.

Now infamous, the photo featuring Baraboo High School boys on the Sauk County Courthouse steps before their junior prom this past spring shows most of them with their stiff right arms raised in what appears to be a Nazi salute. Not all of the roughly 50 students are holding their arms outstretched, and some appear to be waving.

And if you look at that photograph, it is pretty clear that a lot of the boys are just waving, but it is also clear that some of the boys were like “lol, this waving looks like a Nazi salute, so lets salute like the Nazis, haha”
I also think that the whole waving thing, as you can see a bunch of kids laughing is because they think that the waving looks like a Nazi salute, so they are laughing at how bad the photo looks.

It is just stupid, and I think that a lot of the internet outrage machine has taken off on this a lot more than was probably warranted.

This is one of those idiotic things that happens when you are an area that is 99.9% privileged white kids who don’t understand what kind of message a photo like that might look like.

Another kid in the photo explains. The photographer asked them to wave out to the camera, and it looked a lot like a Nazi salute, especially in hindsight.


With his name now associated with the photo online forever, Gust said the ordeal has upset his wife and impacted his family.

Being a Nazi should ruin your life.


Righhttttt. So why is one kid doing the white power sign as well?

If it was “just waving at the camera”, why add white nationalist symbology to it?


Well, there is always at least one truly racists idiot in any larger group of people. They may hide it in “polite” company, but it always comes out when given the chance.

Glad to read that the picture was probably more a result of stupidity than malice. Though pretty incredible that the photographer looked at that picture and though - hey, this is a good shot, let’s publish that - when he almost certainly had multiple takes. He couldn’t find one that looked less Nazi-like?


The one highschool kid apaprently realized it was fucked up, so I don’t really buy into the “it was just an accident and no one noticed” angle.


There was a time when snotty teenagers flirting with fascist iconography would have been a minor thing, but these days we are all completely terrified all the time, so I guess the context is different.


There’s nothing stupider than a bunch of 17-year old boys. It’s possible that most of them are just dumbasses who think being edgy is hilarious.