Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


He was in the middle of waving to the actors. That’s all.


Just some innocent tomfoolery. Ha ha! 👌


I’m familiar with the finger thing as a symbol of a totalitarian regime, but not necessarily a white nationalist one.



Wasn’t Summon Troll Swarm a D&D spell?


No, I believe it’s a GOP spell.


If the GOP is casting spells we need to start hunting for witches.




Everybody now salutes the nazi way, even my cat!



You think Neo Nazis and white supremacy starts… how?


It might be an over-reaction but I think over-reactions are needed for crap like this. Much better than the opposite. It’s not just the usual drummed-up outrage.


This makes sense to me as well. Shouldn’t trivialize the most infamous hate group in the history of the world.


I tend to think that Nazism merits immediate, harsh reprisal.

I don’t accept the defense of, “it was just a joke”, because that provides cover for people who legitimately want to normalize these abhorrent views. It lets people push the envelope further and further, and when they finally get resistance, they say, “relax guy, i was just kidding!”

But then after a little while, they push again. And they get a little further, because it’s been further normalized.

So, no.

You act like a Nazi, you get treated like a Nazi. I don’t care if you are joking. There is no legitimate reason to be lenient in this case.


Other than they were 16-17 year old kids.


So was the kid that they think they tricked. So was the kid that stood there uncomfortably while his classmates spread hate. Any thought for those kids… at all. Any consideration for those kids?


Sorry, not a good enough reason for me.
Best they learn their lesson now, and serve as an example to other kids.


They’re the right age to get an education in how the majority of the world reacts to those who emulate genocidal evil scum.


I am about to be not at all serious, because I wouldn’t expect a kid to do this sort of thing, but here goes.

This photo was taken over a year ago, the kids that were uncomfortable with the photo did not come forward and denouce it directly until now? Couldn’t they have done more than sit by while this “hate” was on display?

What was that famous phrase?

So wouldn’t those kids be just as complicit?


The context of their past behavior matters here. In the responses to the initial tweet, many of their classmates reported a history of racism on the part of many in that photo including racist snaps that were posted in the thread as evidence and stories of a school administrator who dismisses complaints against them and tells the offended to grow a thicker skin.

One of the things that someone reported was hat some of these kids were taunting minorities after Trump was elected. My daughter saw this same behavior in her school and the administration took action in the form of a school wide meeting to discuss tolerance and make it clear that intolerance has no place in the school environment.


That sounds real bad. And I hope it is addressed.

Right now, the community isn’t very happy with the school, because they haven’t released any more details about their investigation.

I just read this

Several minutes into intermission during a musical about Jewish traditions, a man stood up, raised his arm in a Nazi salute and started to shout.

Members of the audience said the man called out “Heil Hitler!” and “Heil Trump!” at the Wednesday-night performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” at Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore.

“People started running,” Rich Scherr, who was in the audience, told The Washington Post. “The next thing I expected to hear was gunshots, frankly.”

I mean, that would be my first reaction too.