Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Have we ruled out him trying to trick his friends into looking at him so he can punch them?


Don’t victim-blame kids who have no choice who they get thrown in with at school. They’re legally required to be in school, for chrissakes…they’re not legally required to be superheroes willing to stand up to a school full of racist bullies.


I am not blaming them for anything, but where do we draw the line in this case? Also, are those kids victims?

Are the 30% of the kids in that photo waving with bent arms victims?

If the are old enough to be called neo-nazis surely they are old enough to speak out about something like this before a year and a half passes, and bad press begins?

This whole situation seems a lot less black and white than people are making it out to be.

Do they deserve death threats?



Let them feel what is like to have their lives threatened. That kind of thing makes it real clear why Nazism is bad.

When those who terrorize others are terrorized, it’s called justice.


I’m with Rorshach on this. Zero fucking tolerance for Nazism. Zero. I don’t care if you’re trolling – that’s like saying you only produce child porn as a joke.


Yeah, ok, sure, I guess we are on a different planet on this one.


You literally are. You took a bad moment, defended the kids who created it and then blamed the two kids for not doing enough. How about you put responsibility on the people who actually acted and behaved inappropriately, for a change.


Why is this my job? I, and I suspect most people, have no clue as to what the context of the photo is, other than it looks bad. There are clearly a good amount of kids waving in that photo, it really looks like some sort of really bad photo pose caught in time.

I read this book over the summer, and I recommend it. It has really changed the way I react to a lot of online incidents with strong reactions. I used to love a good public shaming, but in a lot of cases there is a lot more to things than we intitially know about.

One particular interesting chapter was about Max Mosley (who isn’t a great guy, to be sure) being accused of having Nazi orgies, after a very badly reported piece came out in a “News of the World” expose that garnered strong immediate reactions from the public, to only have the piece slowly picked away as more facts came to light, it it became clear that it was a regular BDSM style setting, and the “Nazi” imagery was played up due to Max’s dad’s past. (Look up Oswald Mosley) There was a lot of questionable journalism (The paper was shut down not too much after, for phone tapping) He eventually won a case against the paper.

I am not saying 16-17 year old kids shouldn’t be subject to some sort of repercussions for jokingly throwing up Nazi salutes during a rowdy photo shoot, I certainly don’t think that they, or anyone deserves death threats based on a poorly explained compromising photo. We don’t know the full story, and it could be a lot less bad than it looks, or it could be just as bad as it looks (and those kids should be suspended or expelled) but right now, at this moment, we don’t know.

And seriously, nobody deserves a death threat over something like this. Imagine if you are a parent, and weren’t present for this photoshoot and someone calls your home phone and says they want to murder you. That is just as fucked up as the photo, to me.


The articles cover the context. The messages where they said they even got the black kid to throw up. The parents who said stop because they knew what was happening, the one kid who was uncomfortable and didn’t put his hand up at all, references the others as bullies… are you sure it’s everyone else who doesn’t have the context or is it you?


I think it’s more in the vein of Austin Powers’ “That’s a man, baby!”


Because this is everybody’s job.

Next question?


This might be the case if we did not already have direct testimony from one of those in the photo that refutes this theory. This was planned and we know this by those who were there.

Do I believe the participants should get death threats?
No, I do not.
Do I believe that these kids were most likely just privileged morons acting as such?
Yes, I do.
However if colleges were to pull admissions, scholarships were revoked and these morons (in my best Judge Rinder voice) were to feel some ostracism it would be fitting punishment. After all, ostracism is one of the very first things that Nazis did once they were in power to scapegoat others.




Fuck that shit. Destroy those little c*nts lives for good. Destroy these little Nazi shits as an object lesson. You CAN’T normalise or excuse any step on the road to fascism. This is about the greater good, these cockroaches need to be thrown to the wolves. Fuck them, their parents, the school staff, all need to pay the price to show 325m people it’s not acceptable in any way.


But wait, if we call these people Nazis, they might get upset and actually become Nazis, right?

Or whatever that ridiculous argument was.


What about these Nazis angry white men (trying not to upset anyone with unfair liberal labels)?


At least it’s just Khol’s, I don’t shop there anyway.


Kohl’s? More Like Krauts, am I right? Down with the Kaiser! 54-40 or fight!


Stop being so bigoted. Take a look at this.

How can you all be sure these are Nazis? It’s November, maybe they were just cold and this was the nearest combustible material?

Plenty of people burn things, that doesn’t make them Nazis. Only calling them Nazis makes them Nazis.