Neo Nazis and the Alt Right





I’m pretty sure it’s okay to punch wife-beaters.
Dude was just ahead of his time.


But the real danger is the anti fascist movement.


Some of them have sticks!


Such quality people, Nazis.


Just to follow-up quickly…that commissioner resigned.


Isn’t there going to be a Frontline episode about this tonight or was that last week?


Yeah, not good enough Gavin


Sanction Innes. A travel ban and worldwide asset freeze and being thrown out of the financial system would be absolutely hilarious.


Isn’t this kinda like Hitler saying he no longer wants to be associated with the Nazis?



Really it only took two.


Hey, they’re just “racially conservative”.


Oh good. I woke up this morning just looking for another way to see racism be disguised as some new made up thing to make some people feel better about being, well racist.


“Racially conservative”? Hahahaha. I love the word-pretzels people make to not just call it what it is.


I’m laughing so hard at “racially conservative”.


Why waste all of those letters to spell ‘racist’?


“Racially conservative” is a gold medal winning double backflip with a twist high dive in the euphemism olympics.


“racially conservative and highly knowledgeable”

Fucking hilarious.