Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


I always tell my creditors that I am financially atheist.


There is some scary shiznit out there. On the upside, it will make it easier for law enforcement to keep their watchlists up to date (assuming they have some).


But honestly, haven’t they always been? Only now there is a spotlight?


Well we called them the militia before, which of course had angry white men in it, but now that that it’s publicly known it’s also white supremacy and actual Nazis… suddenly they report on it like it’s a new thing.


Then this seems like an improvement, and calling them what they are.


Out with the bad, in with the psychotic?


This is the guy who Popehat wrecked a while back.


Awww, he only uses FB and Gab.


Van Dyke looks like a piece of tenderized ass meat.


Watch yer mouth, that’s the master race yer talkin’ about.


I guess the trial of the a-hole who plowed his car into the counterprotestors in Charlottesville is getting started. I hope the guy gets 30 years minimum.


What’s the charge, vehicular manslaughter?


Murder, I believe, per NPR this morning.


I think so, and also something that sounded like “malicious wounding” per the radio story I heard.


I’m finding this article very interesting regarding those who turn to extremism, and those who don’t:


If the article is going to leave me unsatisfied I’m not sure I should bother reading it.


It’s the journey, not the destination ;)


They were originally going to title it “This Weird Truth…” but had an attack of conscience.


Fill up on bread first. It’s free.


That was really good, thanks for sharing.