Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Racial Conservatives at work


Also highly knowledgeable.


Wait, did both of you read the article? There weren’t hate signs, but trying to say that things haven’t changed much in Mississippi if they vote in woman who is a KKK platinum card member.

I don’t know why ABC News labeled them “hate” signs. I’d call them more like “educational signs”.


Or a sign of things to come.


I thought the point was that the attorneys are treating this (ironic nooses or not) as a “potential hate crime” and are looking to punish the protesters for intimidation.


It’s a hate crime to remind people why lynching has a particularly strong and evil past in this country? That’s ridiculous. It’s not even intimidation. Intimidation is when they hang nooses without signs or with actual threats.


Because Twitter banned her…


It’s apparently already over.

Don’t forget, Loomer is Jewish, and when she joined Gab she got a not-so-pleasant welcome from the religiously conservative people there.


I like how she’s sporting a star for Twitter, but silent on Gab where the actual Nazis came after her.


This phrase and its ilk are making my sarcastic “Words of 2018”


And for the record she’s right on one point: Farrakhan should also be banned.
Doesn’t mean they need to let her back in to do the right thing though.


Never change, Jacob.

… happiness too swiftly flies.
Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
'Tis folly to be wise.



Comment professionnel!


Man, he should really fix the light levels on his photo there. Looks super unprofessional.



Although “comment” does mean “how” you can’t really use it in this context. “Si professionnel!” works better, or “Que c’est professionnel!”


Hey, tell that to Google translate. :)



I hope it starts to snow.