Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Not good enough to speak at the sex robot conference.


What does Steve Bannon know about sex robots? Hmm…


Up until now they were only his dream. That and his unwashed fleshlight.


Or nightmare…


Close relative of Bushrod Johnson.


mustache noises



ice ice baby


This shit sustains my soul



So he wanted people to pay him for a private video message for someone they hate… as in paid for harassment or defamation or maybe just made up hateful bullshit against someone.

What is wrong with this guy?


My god that is some delicious schadenfreude


When you’re selling hate… you sell hate I guess.


Pffft, I read he was making $40k a month, I’m sure he doesn’t need to beg for money!


Oh well.


It’s on brand, for sure.

Hopefully said brand ends with him cleaning toilets at a truck stop in Topeka.


His “dangerous faggot” schtick isn’t gonna go over well there I suspect.
Or… maybe it’ll go over real well, it’s hard to tell with these things.


The end of the line, real rainbow-likening luck stop?

At least this thread has given me some joy as I felt the urge to blast Locked In The Trunk Of A Car at a hearing-impairing volume!


Apparently the QAnon nuts thought that today was gonna be the day all the bad people got arrested.

If you search #D5 on Twitter, you can see all the lunatics, and the people making fun of them.