Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


How old was she then? She’s apologized, so I’ll give her that. That doesn’t excuse anything but her apology seemed sincere.


She was in high school, likely a senior (she graduated college in 2016, and those tweets were from 2012).


Well, that stuff will follow her around but I would give someone a second chance. What’s more damning is where she’s working now.


We all have our edgelord phase in college amirite?


Yeah, clearly she’s a totally different person now. Screw her. Tries to come across as holier than thou with that shit still on her Twitter?


She graduated from college in 2016, and she’s a White House Correspondent in 2019? Good grief.


It is almost like most established and respected (even conservative) journalists won’t work for sites like that. So they end up with kids right out of school.


Wait… it was supposed to just be a phase? Why did no one tell me?!


Looking at her other recent tweets, she’s pretty much the piece of trash you’d assume she would be. A good reminder that these people aren’t simply going to die off.



Several texts involve Gibson’s longtime adjunct, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, who often brawls with antifascist protesters, has allegedly assaulted people who were not protesting, and has been arrested multiple times in Portland.

On Dec. 8, 2017, Niiya asks Gibson if Toese had “his court stuff taken care of,” referring to an active warrant for Toese’s arrest. Niiya goes on to say officers ignored the warrant at a past protest and tells Gibson that he doesn’t see a need to arrest Toese even if he has a warrant, unless Toese commits a new crime.


I’m trying to find a quote and Google is not helping me at all. It comes from a old guy who is ranting about Nazis/racists saying stuff like “fuck these people who keep voting for them, I spit on them” etc. Pretty sure it was posted here at some point, can anyone help?


Probably all of us have said that about alt-rightys and those who enable them, so that might be really hard to zero in on.


This whole thing about collusion (ooh, that word again!) between the police and alt-right types is really disturbing. It is the sort of thing that needs to be extirpated ruthlessly, as in, fire anyone in the police department guilty of this sort of stuff and prosecute them to the fullest extent possible.


I agree. Problem is, in a lot of police departments… the police are the alt-right. If you go back to the 60’s and before a lot of the police have been right-wing evil. KKK were right wing. Nazis are right-wing. It’s all one in the same.


I haven’t been tracking this story at all, but it did make an impression on me when it first showed up in the headlines and I’ve noted several bizarre headlines coming and going in the weeks since. And while I don’t know how believable these sources are, based on this latest update and what I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks, this story is bonkers.


Almost always on the faces and in the hands of Democrats. This case does not seem to be an exception.


The “the kkk was founded by Democrats!” Is one of the dumbest takes there is.

That being said, this actor dude seems like an idiot, and he should go to jail.


Hopped back for quickie eh? How about you comment on this gem?


What of it? Remember Obama’s “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone”? Turnabout is fair play.