Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


The ACA was passed by Congress.


Like the Covington kids the media was real real quick to hop on this and take the story at face value in spite of a host of red flags. Once again they look like fools, probably because they are.


And DACA was an executive order.


DACA doesn’t have anything to do with Obamacare.

And DACA didn’t illegally reappropriate funds under the guise of a made up “national emergency”.



That shit only works on idiots.


We’re aware there have been 50+ of these things. This is the first one to appropriate a large amount of funds, when Congress explicitly declined to do so. It’s unique. Still, it’ll probably be upheld – I assume the SC will vote along party lines. Roberts may push back on that, as he does sometimes. We’ll see.

But the various challenges (including eminent domain cases) will drag this process out for quite a while. If Trump isn’t President in 2021, it seems likely that very little of this fence will get built. Any of the Democratic candidates will reverse this.


Any the ACA had nothing to do with national emergencies.

The ACA passed both houses of Congress, and was signed into law.

That’s how laws work.


Agreed it was a dumb meme. There were plenty of other things he could have used as an example.


You, sir, are a straight up idiot if you don’t get that the Democratic Party in the US underwent a fundamental transformation during the 20th Century. Hint: current Dems are not 1870 or even 1950s Southern Dems.
But then what am I expecting from someone who repeats these stupid talking points on cue.


Not sure why you’d try to debate someone who hates democracy and freedom and is giddy at the idea of destroying them.


I know, as I wrote, what can I expect.


No, the Democrats are still using racial politics and hate to benefit themselves politically. It’s the same identity politics. The tactics are the same, it’s just that the target has changed. Smollett and Covington were both political and racial smears that the Democrats media enablers could not jump on fast enough.


Fact: If the Republican party ever got rid of their racists, they’d never win another national election.

Fact: Google Steve King.

Fact: White Nationalism is Identity Politics.

Fact: Check-mate.



If those idiot Nazi’s had any brains, they’d convert to Islam so that they could carry on with their Jew-hate with impunity, like Ilhan and Farrakhan.




MAGA country seems to bear a striking resemblance to Nigeria. LOL


Dude, didn’t you read my comment? It was check-mate. The game is over at check-mate. You lost. My ELO rating went up and yours went down.

But seriously, even in when you are writing in your own defense you agree that your party has the white supremacists and the nazi’s in it. Take a moment to think about that. Why do the white supremacists and the nazis feel so comfortable in the republican party? (hint: “good people on both sides”. The GOP is the party of white supremacy, from top to bottom).

And as counter weight to one of the screaming, torch wielding rightist mobs, you offer… 2 tweets from one congress lady saying that AIPIC lobbies for Israel’s interests. Which duh. Can you see how one of these things is different from the other?


Let me know, oh Grandmaster, when Trump is posing for photos with David Duke. Heh.