Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


What kind of mentally deficient idiot takes Trump seriously? That’s the question.


Great, I’m glad then that we both agree that the nazi’s and white supremacists are in the Republican party. That’s a common foundation that we can work from.

For your picture, any idea what year it was taken? Did fox news fill in you in on that? Any idea when the last time was when Farrakhan played even a minor role in US politics? Have any notable Democrats rejected and denounced Farrakhan’s support since then? Has Fox news itself, perhaps, played some role in spreading anti-Semitism? What dates did that happen on? (here’s a hint for the last question)


This is the political equivalent of watching a rabies patient progress, ain’t it?


At some point, admitting error involves admitting such a large number of critical moral compromises, that it conflicts with basic notions about one’s own existence.

“If this is evil then all of those things i already agreed to go along with would be evil, but that can’t be, because I’m not an evil person.”

The problem is that this leads to a progressively deeper and deeper compromise of one’s morality and ethics, once you are “pot committed” in this way. The person at the beginning of the process wouldn’t even recognize the person at the end.

There nothing really that prevents someone from finally admitting error, as simply being wrong isn’t evil on its own. But it’s still not easy.


I think he likes being evil.


Some people just suck.


Remember anti-Semitism is bad when Democrats are involved, but when it’s Republicans, hey, look at those Democrats!




Calling out the thugs in Israeli government and AIPAC isn’t anti-Semitism in the first place.


Yeah, the constant dog whistling about George Soros – how dare we understand that to be anti-Semitic? Why the very idea!


The same media outlets that are publishing the new police details about the investigation into Smollett?


Whataboutism. That’s all you have and it is sooo pathetic because you’re examples aren’t even on par.


Literally calling for the KKK to lynch people.



Fine, the eminent Goodloe Sutton can be first in line for the noose.


That little white house he’s publishing out of looks like a tinderbox to me.


Is that foil in the left window?





That is an arsenal…


A WALL would stop terrorists like this…