Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


I’m not ignoring it. It’s irrelevant. Do we even have a single day out there where some celebrity hasn’t lied about something? You want this to be about celebrities. I am refusing that explanation. This is another example off the public demanding all people who are not white be perfect. It’s an unreasonable expectation that is forced upon minority groups.

This will probably get more play than Liam Neeson admitting he wanted to murder someone… I’ll give you a couple of guesses as to why one will be forgotten and the other will be pushed for years. You won’t need a couple of guesses.


I had no clue who this person was before this story, so he could have been some random guy for all I know. Wouldn’t have made a difference in the story for me.


And to put it another perspective, remember that one time when someone lied and said some black guy hurt them, attacked them or otherwise assaulted and robbed them, the police rounded up every black person within miles, racial profiled them, turned out it was a hoax and then that never happened again because it turned out we can’t trust white people anymore…

You don’t? Yeah because that doesn’t happen. They still do it, almost every damn time. It’s a one-sided claim.


But it likely wouldn’t have been a story you heard about were he not a celebrity.


Kristen Rimes

It really depends on what you’re looking for. these kind of stories pop-up all the time, all the time… but the other way around. This one went viral… no celebrity involved.


Maybe it’s just me, but I never heard of that story. It went locally viral or nationally? Either way, you don’t think it would have been even bigger had it been a celebrity?

I’m still struggling with why you’re so adamant about this being purely/mostly because Smollet is black, rather than having at least a huge dob of “it’s because he’s a celebrity”. Is your position that Smollet being a celebrity had little impact on coverage of this story? Any no-name gay black guy doing the same would get substantially the same coverage because the public is out there trying to find any example they can of black guys committing crimes?

On your point of Liam Neeson, that story made the rounds for a fair bit. Moreover, Liam committed (or at least admitted to) no crime. Admittedly, Neeson is a much bigger celebrity. Still, Smollet went off and pulled a conspiracy, hired co-conspirators, and filed false police reports. To me, what Smollet did is a bigger deal (and more sensational) than Neeson, by a lot.

Further, you had the whole mystery crime part of it. I remember this story getting a fair amount of coverage before there was any hint of Smollet being the criminal—it got a huge amount of coverage when he was just seen as the victim. Stories stay in the news cycle longer when there’s new info coming out over an extended time. Neeson was a single event and then done.


My position is relatively simple.

The story about some person being assaulted by a member of some minority group, any minority group for a white person, and it being a blatant lie, a complete fabrication is so common that society has pretty much become numb to it. It barely makes the news, but it still makes Social Media circles due to the outrage of the original attack, the lie.

So the idea that any group should be able to point and see look, someone lied, and now we don’t have to take these situations seriously anymore is a cover and a lie itself.

The fact that Smollet did what he did should change nothing, like it changes nothing for the other groups.

When, someone says they were assaulted, attacked,kidnapped… you treat it seriously. It doesn’t matter if it is a mother who says her children were taken from her car, even if some other mother just drove hers off a cliff yesterday. If a man says he was jumped in an ally by Neo-Nazis, you respond as if he was jumped in the alley by Neo-Nazis. If kid says he was beat up in the bathroom by thugs, you treat him like he’'s telling the truth and then the police need to do their job, find out the facts.

Neeson’s was not a single event even by his admission. He tried to murder someone for an entire week. 10 years from now, we’ll probably be talking about Smollet’s lies and not Neeson’s struggle to admit his past racism. Neeson isn’t even in the news anymore and the racists and the whatbout oh my god stop playing the race card group… they’lll be on this like starved dogs… and ignoring the fact that these kind of lies aren’t even uncommon… but of course Fox News won’t play them.

And no one tells white people, well gosh, you guys blew it, now we can’t believe you anymore.


Oh weird, that’s “my” Walmart from where I grew up. Sorry, nothing to add, just surprised me to see that show up.


I had no clue who he was either, but I’ve heard of Empire. Whether you knew of him specifically or not, he’s on a popular TV show and that certainly counts as being a celebrity. That will naturally broaden the coverage this gets; I first read about this on the A.V. Club for example.


I think Stepsongrapes is correct that the reason this story is as big as it is, is because Smollett is a celebrity. But I don’t think that contradicts or undermines anything you’re saying Nesrie about how some people will inevitably react the wrong way about this, or that we should still take things like assault claims seriously.

Nesrie is right, the negative fallout from this is that double standards will be perpetuated, and that’s made worse because Smollett is a minority. But his celebrity status undoubtedly pushed this story to be as big as it is.



And then they ran a bunch of positive replies to the original article on the front page, including their names and email addresses:


Sutton told on Thursday he planned on leaving the newspaper soon.

“I am going to quit and do nothing, play tiddlywinks and chase lewd women. I just need to figure out what I’m going to do when I catch one,” Sutton told

I believe the correct phase for that particular instance is “Moving on her like a bitch.”


Never apologize, Alabama. Or Steve King, either.


"Elitists"and “power brokers”, no doubt referring to the Mercers and the Kochs.


He should be voted out for stupidity if he can’t figure out why “white supremacist” is offensive.

It’s people like him that make us pick sides, because any side that accepts him is terribly offensive.


That’s awesome, though I do feel a little sorry for Miss Homecoming.



I already can’t wait for the Netflix documentary About Jacob Wohl’s descent into life in prison.


pushing Democratic primary voters to back weaker candidates who would be easier for Trump to defeat in the general election.

Good plan.


It never ceases to amaze me what assholes Republicans are. While Democrats aren’t immune, the ratio of horrible and evil on the Repub side is unreal. Wohl is such a piece of shit.