Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Up until very recently, Donald Trump was a Democrat.
His whole family and garbage children are Democrats.


Well, more like a ‘democrat’. Of course, they’re not really anything.


But yet he never could have won an election running as a Democrat… so is/was he really? Does he at all embody the spirit or norms or literally anything of the Democratic party?


Yes? He was a self identified democrat for years.

A more “acceptable” example would be his children though, specifically Ivanka. Until Trump started running for President, she was your typical rich liberal from NYC. She was like the poster child for that.


First statement: So Democrat, to you, is a meaningless label anyone can apply to themselves. So, your statement carries no weight either since it’s like, “Up until very recently, Trump was a goobleeblorker.”

Second part: I seriously doubt she was a liberal. That actually means something. But I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about her politics, I just find that very hard to believe.


Sounds like you’re saying Democrat has some noble immutable meaning, which is hard to square with the sentiment around here toward Republicans.

Edit: I mean if you try to say you hold to more historical conservative views that most politicians in the GOP have abandoned, and call yourself a Republican, asserting it’s the current GOP who have drifted from what that means, you get laughed out or painted with the same brush as the worst of the GOP under Trump.

I realize that at some point the party (any party) can change what they stand for, and I guess the question is what the threshold is for when that happens and the outliers and those falling in with the party line switch. So maybe I’ve answered my own question and I’m still just projecting my own anger at the Republican Party for changing what they represent. Oh well.


So then what are you basing your statement on? The fact that you now don’t like her, and can’t square that with your preconception that liberals are all good upstanding people?

Maybe the problem is your preconception?


On the fact that I don’t know a single liberal who could work anywhere near the Trump administration.


What I’m actually trying to say is a response to Timex’s original reply to Jeff. Jeff said Republicans are really awful right now and Timex said “Donald Trump used to be a Democrat” which is a really shitty argument.

Donald Trump completely embodies what Republicans want right now. I know this because they voted for him in a primary and they made him president. Democrats wouldn’t have done the same. His argument was garbage.

If his actual argument is that Republican is just a meaningless label, well then, that’s a different topic.


Saying Donald Trump was a Democrat once is fairly meaningless. He was a (wannabe) high-roller in the New York real estate market, which means that he needed favors and contacts with the city politicos… which are almost 100% Dems. So, like any other NYC power-player, he donated to the party and swore loyalty… at least to their faces.

Once he got out of the NYC market and started to dabble in TV and “branding” he could afford to ditch what few Progressive public views he (claimed to have) had and move on to… whatever the fuck he is right now.

Ivanka and Jared may indeed actually have some Progressive-leaning views. But it doesn’t really matter: If they are so willing to suborn those feeling in favor of carrying out Daddy’s policies, then they couldn’t have been to strong to start with.


But you’re just employing circular logic to arrive at this conclusion.

Ivanka Trump was a registered Democrat, and voted as such, for her entire adult life. She participated in all kinds of liberal fund raisers and political events. She was, from all outward appearances, a typical rich liberal.

But it turns out that such things don’t preclude you from being a piece of shit.


Thank you. I word bad.


I know Democrats can be horrible people. Please don’t think I’m arguing they can’t.


That was all I was saying originally… That there are Democrats who are total pieces of shit.


Guys did you know that the republican party was the one who abolished slavery? And the national SOCIALIST party were the Nazis? Really makes u think.


Of course Joe just mutters and nods along because at the end of the day he’ll let anyone say almost anything and agree with them because he needs those fringe psychotic clicks.


It’s okay guys. He is 6 percent Comanchee. Plus, native Americans are “neat” and “cool”.


Remember Alex Jones has a White House press pass and legitimate news orgs do not.

Alex was also saying that the government has a lab in San Francisco where agents take psychedelic drugs to communicate with extradimensional alien demons in order to destroy humanity. They plan to use 5G wireless to mutate our DNA to make us easier to control.

Rogan nodded and agreed with that too.


Prove Him Wrong!


Does he believe this stuff or is he just a huckster selling snake oil?