Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Rich white kids, what could go wrong?


A freaking Quaker school?!? WTH is wrong with this world?



Ok this is a story about real Nazi’s, but pretty interesting.


This is just WWE schtick. I don’t believe him for a second.


This needs to be a movie.


It has Tarantino written all over it.



I almost thought it was a movie, but I guess that’s not precisely the same story. Similar elements, I think.


Evidently, there was a movie made about Hannie The Girl with Red Hair But it doesn’t sound like it does justice to her story.


You guys remember the journal entries from your GF’s sister in Wolfenstein: The New Order? They were very similar. A one of the best parts of the game.

Edit - here it is -'s_diary


I tried to trace down an English language translation of her memoir* when this article dropped last September but did it have any luck.

(I think it was a memoir but it may have been a third party account)


According to FBI figures shared with The Post, in the 2017 budget year there were about 110 people arrested after being investigated for actions inspired by foreign terror groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Of those, about 30 faced terrorism charges. The rest faced gun, drug, fraud or immigration charges.

Last year, out of about 100 such arrests, only nine defendants faced terrorism charges — a drop-off owed in part to a decline in the number of people attempting to travel overseas to join the Islamic State, the senior law enforcement official said.

In the 2017 budget year, FBI investigations led to the arrest of about 150 domestic terrorism suspects, according to law enforcement officials. The following year, the figure was about 120.

** But because federal law does not designate domestic groups as terrorist organizations, no corresponding terrorism crimes apply to such suspects.**


Should really read this.


but Discord isn’t a “gaming platform”, but rather a chat platform. Bad Journalist, Bad!

But there’s also this:

In particular, many members viewed Turning Point USA, a MAGA-friendly student organization with more than 1,000 chapters at high schools and colleges nationwide, as fertile grounds for recruitment. A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center found that the number of hate groups in America hit a record high last year, driven largely by a surge in groups catering to young, college-aged white men.

“Pro-Tip,” one member wrote on the Discord server, titled “Nice Respectable People Group,” in February. “Turn your local Turning Point USA chapter to a de-facto IE [Identity Evropa] chapter.”

In the wake of the leaks, Identity Evropa “rebranded” to the more innocuous-sounding “American Identity Movement.” The group even ditched its trademark “Dragon’s Eye” logo, a Germanic symbol representing the choice between good and evil, in favor of an American eagle, decked out in red, white, and blue.


And now it’s also a game store.


Interesting. Hadn’t used it in awhile. I guess they need cash, looking at those prices!


After the secret texts between the Portland Police Bureau and Patriot Prayer, we are maybe getting somewhere.