Neo Nazis and the Alt Right

I thought publicly incel, but assumed closeted. ( or just “white down-low”)

You’re thinking of Milo I think.

Fuentes is a straight up white supremacist.


I want to break free!

Ah! You’re right!

Well, apparently not straight up.

Nick is the dude who openly loves Hitler and is rabidly incel.

Sounds like openly wants to make sweet sweet love to…

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Dammit, now I’m confused. But not sexually.

I’m pretty sure there’s an actual video game about that.

When the defamation suit isn’t looking good for you:


They apologized? Well that’s it then. No harm, no foul lol.

The burning cross is an excellent source of soil rejuvenation and rustic furniture making.

It’s so bullshit that he’s not already in jail.

It’s nuts how rich folks not only generally get off from charges, but even if they get convicted they still don’t need to go to jail.

I hope they’ve allotted extra time with the strip search to get through all the shirts.

The Federalist is at least Alt-Right these days, so I’m putting this here.

That’s an interesting strategy, Cotton, etc etc.

Hey, finding out continues to be an adventure for Alex Jones.

Now if we could just liquidate Alex Jones.

OffLeash - this would sound like a conspiracy theory, but doesn’t appear so

Today Europe is electing the EU Parliament & in Germany the “AFD - Alternative For Germany” party (aka “Nazi” / Alt Right) has managed to be the second largest (in Germanys part of the election).

Here’s a quick chart of their opinions of their own party:

95 - “I like that the party is trying to keep foreigners and refugees from coming in”

90 - “I like that the party is trying to fundamentally change the EU”

82 - "I don’t care that some aspects of the party are considered “right wing extremist, just so long as they address the right issues”

17 - “the party is working too closely with the russians and chinese”

Guess we’re looking at some rough times ahead.

Just a guy hoping to start a race war. Thankfully they were stopped.