NeoGAF Implodes


Anyone know what’s going on here? Evidently there is some kind of mod related iniquity that has brought down the goddamn apocalypse on the site. Mods resigning, maybe a DDOS, cats and dogs lying together, mass hysteria!


There’s a story going around Twitter where the owner is accused of sexual harassment type behavior,


Evilore, AKA Tyler Malka, owner of the site, has allegedly had a streak of questionable behavior. The most recent allegation being that he hopped in a shower naked with a business acquaintance while it was 100% not consensual.

Came up as a #me too post on FB.


Who does that sort of bizarre shit?

I guess more than you’d think. That’s the point.


C’mon, we’ve all been there, I mean I don’t think there’s one of us here who hasn’t (squints at cue card) walked in on a business partner while she showered? oh god, you’re on your own Tyler (walks down stairs, door slams, key jostles in ignition, sound of squealing tires)


Yeah I guess

The story is “road trip to new orleans” sounds like more of a friend than a business associate, but still, not cool.


Also any person who has an Encylopedia Dramatica entry is in a very dark place. I’m just sayin’


So, what comes after NeoGAF? Neo-neo-GAF? GAF-Mk3


NeoGAF: GAF Harder




Did you guys read the story? I think this is some kind of unbalanced person accusing the NEOGAF guy. There is a lot of context there.

Edit: Looks like there is a long history of stories, again. Geez!


Shin GAF.

GAF burning down would also mean it’s a good time to attract new members there here?


That shower thing sounds like quite the… GAFFE


This is exactly what goes through my head when I read this stuff.

It’s like there are a bunch of people who just live by entirely different rules compared to me.


Man, it’s even hit Rolling Stone.


Please no.


Fuck. No.

I drifted away from this space some time ago to NeoGAF because for a time I was looking for something else out of a forum. I’ve been drifting/lurking back here because NeoGAF’s atmosphere has become stifling. I hope the NeoGAF refugees find a space, but I doubt I join them, and I am happy to return here.


There was a thread on Gaf about how women and minorities are not represented enough in DOTA heroes. I asked in the thread if it was a joke because surely that couldn’t be a serious complaint and had to be political correctness reduced to absurdity.

I got permabanned.


Amir0x angled for my ban for months. He didn’t like that I liked Nintendo games. It was as simple as that. Turns out he was into child porn and a disgusting human being. I really don’t see how GAF survives this unless Tyler is somehow shown to be innocent.


He was their second mod who was into that stuff, believe it or not.