NeoGAF Implodes


He wasn’t officially linked to NeoGAF. He wasn’t a mod or anything like that. He did apparently use his membership on the forum as a springboard into getting contacts with women writers in gaming.


Just a random scumbag then. Hopefully nobody fell for his machinations.


This all reminds me: Gamergate. I read about it in the news. Was anyone on Qt3 a Gamergater? Or a Gamergater sympathizer?


Not openly. We’re pretty laid-back but that probably wouldn’t be tolerated.


Someone chose games journalism as the fake career to harass women with. Once again I’m left wondering what amazing things are happening in that industry.


That guy was thinking 3 steps ahead. Everybody bewares the casting couch when auditioning at a talent agency. But writing about videogames? They’re completely defenseless. There are so few women in the entire industry, what kind of crazy person would look there to victimize women? Someone crazy like a fox, that’s who.

(But no, actually it’s asinine.)


I’m pretty sure there are a few. Does that matter though?


Sure! Because with a little self-improvement they can start getting laid, and then all bad feelings will evaporate and they can start grooving daily with party people.


As long as they don’t threaten to rape someone on the forums, I guess not.


Isn’t this website almost 99% men. I am guessing any GG member or sympathizer is just pissed women exist here at all.


I don’t think we’ve taken a census. I’m sure we have women who just choose not to advertise that fact. I know I wouldn’t.


Advertise, i don’t think is quite the right word…


I was thinking about wearing a sign lettered in 36 point comic sans with “I HAVE BOOBIES”.


A dev who posts here with an active Twitter presence certainly allied with them for a bit.


You monster



I have daughters in their 20’s. The oldest is, to put in bluntly, very feminist in her views and probably scares the crap out of most guys, the youngest is very different. I don’t talk to either about their choices, as if they would listen to me. But I can’t help think of them from time to time thru the eyes of the guys they hang out with and wonder if there is anything I could say.

Once emotion kicks in, once infatuation kick in, there is nothing anyone could say with most people.


The sales analogy referenced above is certainly interesting.

I just had a “date.” It was fun, but she isn’t interested. No big deal, because my pipeline (sale term) is…well…full.

Plenty more dates upcoming.

Does that make me bad, or just realistic?

I’d argue it’s a good thing as it means I am not clingy or putting pressure on any one person.


I got married at 25. Really to the first girl I pursued seriously. Anyway, it was weird how once I was with her I suddenly discovered how easy it was to talk to the fairer sex. I was no longer trying to make a sale, I already had what I wanted.


Damn straight. Being married turns on the IDGAF with the ladies for sure.