NeoGAF Implodes


No one wants their dad to ever do this.


Yea, nothing super creepy about that.

“Hey, Jimmy, this your date for tonight? Have a few condoms. Nice to meet you Susie.”


There is a PUA concept called negging. It means undermining a woman’s self esteem by putting her down. Being negative. If you’re in a serious relationship you unconsiously neg any woman by essentially telegraphing your unwillingness to flirt. Doing it consciously is a game. Doing it unconsciously is just being part of a monogamous relationship.


Wait so we want dads to send their girl’s to seminars on the latest creepo tactics, and spend hours talking to them about men and sex, but it’s a hard stop with handing their sons condoms?


I figure my son’s five, daughter is three, if I start now it’ll just seem normal by the time they’re teenagers.


Was considering registering with the new site (ResetEra) and it says that both of my e-mail addresses are banned. Which is odd, as I never was banned or anything on GAF. Anyone else see that? Are all gmail and yahoo ones banned?

Edit: Ah, looks to be the domains.


They require a so-called permanent email address which means they don’t allow any of the domains where you get a free address just for signing up.


Do people still have those? I suppose I must have one, but I have no idea what it is.


Ah, thanks. Kinda funny though as they urge in several places to send mail to an address about any problems, issues, etc… I think I’ll just lurk for now.


It’s just a spam protection measure. So it costs at just a fraction of a dollar to make a fresh account after being banned.


Lame, they should just charge a few bucks to sign up. Then they’d be covered from stunt accounts and people could use whatever email they prefer.


GAF does the same thing and has for years so that’s where it comes from.


You are gonna have some weird parent teacher conferences, dude.


The difference is that if you got run over…the story would not be ‘Pedestrian was asking for it as they didn’t look both ways.’


ResetERA is at like 25k registered accounts, 3000 threads and 450k messages since they opened a week ago. Seems to be working out for them.


It’s silly, because almost everybody just uses gmail these days. You’d think that everybody has an account from their ISP but no-- I have verizon FIOS and they actually don’t provide an email address now. They just tell you to get gmail.

It has zero impact on me as I own a bunch of domains and have no plans to join that forum anyway, but it isn’t very forward-thinking.

I agree that if you want to ensure users aren’t signing up multiple times, just charge a couple bucks to sign-up.


I don’t think he was officially part of the sight and just a poster. Secondary, that name at the bottom who created the content is widely linked to Gamergate, so there might a bias in how this is being reported.

(Best Mom Eva was an account that could trigger the blockbot)


I signed up for an account. How long are they taking in vetting people?


Wow, I had never really considered it from that angle before, but it makes a great deal of sense.

One of my favorite stories is from around 20 years back or so. @Akaoni had just broken up with his long-time girlfriend (currently his long-time wife) and was miserable. I tried to do the good-buddy thing and get him some beer so he could de-stress and maybe vent. My place with my very-pregnant wife was not conducive, so we went out to a bar.

Now, Akaoni is a better-looking guy than I am. I’m not hideous, but back then he had movie-star good looks and typically had to fight women off with a stick. I don’t believe I’d ever had to fight a woman off with any type of implement whatsoever.

Anyway, we’re at this random, fairly decent bar that we chose because it was kind of near where we happened to be. It’s an upper-class suburban joint, maybe one step up from a sports bar. We’ve each had a beer or two and he’s venting and we’re both talking about how it was for the best that this endlessly-rocky relationship is over.

To my surprise, this woman about our age comes over to join us at the bar. We’re pretty much the only people in there on this random Wednesday, so it wasn’t all that strange; the alternative would have been for her to sit utterly alone.

She’s gorgeous. I mean, amazingly so. Turns out that for the previous three years she was a Redskins cheerleader, and now she’s finishing up her law degree and working as a paralegal. This is definitely not the type of woman that I typically encounter, and we’re just not in her league. Our league doesn’t even play in the same stadium.

So I’m overjoyed. Here’s this amazing woman sitting with us on the very evening that I’m trying to convince my pal that there are plenty of fish in the sea. I settle into “wingman” mode and start talking up how amazing Akaoni is.

But then stuff just got weird. As the evening continued, she’s obviously just getting more and more into ME. And I haven’t said a damned thing about myself – I’m steering all the conversation back to Akaoni. And I’m trying to do everything I can to show that I’m unavailable: hoisting my beer with my left had so the ring is showing, complaining about having to buy a crib for the new baby, etc. Nothing is working, and as the conversation goes on, she’s actively ignoring Akaoni to talk to me.

Eventually she kind of got annoyed and left, or else we cut and ran, I don’t remember.

We’ve laughed about that night many times over the years. Akaoni was simply an objectively better catch than I was from almost any perspective: better looking; better job; cooler car; more available. The only thing I had going for me (from the information this woman had, anyway) was that I was married and he was breaking up with a girl… which we reasoned meant (maybe) that I was more of a challenge?

The “unintentional negging” thing is a different spin on that.


One of the few ways to get a good price out of an ISP, assuming you have another choice, is to leave them as a business so you can get your new customer prices which means constantly losing that e-mail. I have no idea why someone would choose an ISP email and be stuck with it when you can have gmail and just take it with you no matter who your provider is.

Maybe she was just attracted to you and not him.