NeoGAF Implodes


Approved this morning. They just have a lot to approve I think. :)


I occasionally check both forums now, they both seem active enough to be fine.


I always really enjoyed the Retro part of GAF and many of those people have migrated here…

Definitely checking in there regularly.


Now that sounds like a forum for me. Hopefully it’s not full of teenagers like GAF seemed to be, but then how many of them are into old crap?


Depends on how easy it is to pirate and run on emulators.


Nice name, I prefer ‘ResetEra’ to ‘NeoGAF’ as well.


I kinda feel like NeoGAF needed to be rebooted and rebuilt after all this time anyway. Maybe the split is for the best in the long run.


30k member and 1.2 million messages in a month. Wonder if the forum software will keep up.


Same here!


It’s been more stable than the old site so far. E3 will be the real test unless something crazy happens at PSX or the Game Awards.

I know they had to disable email notifications for most things though as the volume was crazy.


So it seems like all the most annoying posters have left NeoGaf and the frenetic pace of things has really slowed down. Frankly the site has never been better.


Gee, where have I seen that happen before? :)



So what happened at NeoGAF, beyond the owner being a rapist?

Edit: You’re right forgeforsaken, edited my post.


Do you assholes really want to dredge up what led to the schism here? Because so far y’all are misrpresenting it a fair fucking bit.


I was gonna say, let’s not and say we did.


This shit happened. Really? Good work on letting it go, dude.


No, that was me, I just edited it out.


That’s a … not completely incorrect description of the schism, if you define “annoying” as “primarily lives in Politics and Religion.” Which to my mind, at least, is a reasonable interpretation of the word.

- Someone who has researched this far more than is humanly advisable on both sites


A quick bump to mention that the extent of the exodus from there has been significant. The games section would usually fill with posts and update so quickly you’d have 8-9 pages of stuff to read every day. Now its barely a page and a half of posts/updates a day.


Yeah, it’s dead. I don’t think it’ll ever recover. Everyone moved to ResetEra.

Retro GAF moved to the Retro Game Boards, which is an awesome new board. It also uses Discourse @wumpus.