NeoGAF Implodes


That’s sad, and awful. When I joined GAF eons ago, it was before the “Neo” version of things, after people started migrating to web forums out of the newsgroups. The console game newsgroups directed me there. The people in charge were a whole different group.

All those folks seemed to be gone by about five years ago. The forum itself was still great to read. I never had any idea about all this other stuff.


I didn’t know about the other mod until this weekend when I was reading up on all this stuff. They had many mods down through the years though, so I don’t mean to imply it was some kind of widespread issue.

I’ll miss the gaming side of neogaf, as I got a lot of news from there. I had no attachment to it as a community, though. That said, I hope everyone who deserves to land on their feet, does.

I wonder if Broken Forum isn’t about to get a large influx of new people?


GAF is huge. The amount of users there is just enormous. They get so many applications too. They would grant access by the thousands at a time. If Qt3 or Broken Forum or whatever other places get even half of those people, they’re going to explode.


Yeah, off the top of my head, the only forum-community I can think of that approaches NeoGAF would be somethingawful? but even that’s significantly smaller.


NeoGAF was huge, regardless of the circumstances, I hate to see that community implode. Could the owner not pass the torch or was he hoarding ownership of the site?

Who’s still left at this point? I remember Something Awful, Octopus Overlords, Gone Gold, GAF, Penny Arcade … who am I missing besides here? Wait, what was the older one that all the banned members from QT3 wandered over to?


It’s a bit of an understatement to say you like Nintendo games.


I think I get painted unfairly with that brush tbh. If anything my top two favorites are SEGA and SNK if we’re stating company allegiances here. It just so happens that Nintendo are the only ones kinda carrying the Japanese video gaming flag these days in a way even close to how those two used to.

I own all the consoles. I own multiple PCs for gaming. I’m a gamer. We all have preferences. I prefer the styles that come out of Japan over a lot of western designs, but I also love first person shooters, racing sims, turn-based and real-time strategy. I was the goto guy for racing games in CGS+/CGM and the second tier RTS guy behind @tomchick. I just love games, man. I play them all. This past weekend it was Yakuza Kiwami for like six hours straight. I also received this in the mail…

I played “one quarter” in Mushihimesama and Metal Slug on my PC as well as several in Pinball Arcade.

So yeah, I like Nintendo. I think they do great stuff to bring people together to play videogames, specifically kids and families. I love that, because no one else is really interested in serving that market, and I have kids, and it’s awesome to game with them as we did for the past fifteen years via lots of Nintendo systems, but I play almost everything else too. I think the only thing I don’t have right now is a Vita…


I think it’s more that a disgusting, self-loathing creep might find the endless positivity to be grating on his warped psyche.


Nothin’ wrong with loving games, and nothin’ wrong with loving the big N. Keep on keeping on, Dave!

I was actually quite fond of the poor Wii U and am loving my Switch, so I’m right there with ya.


Very Wormwoodian observation, and it just might be true :(


That is totally a trollish comment, and the political correctness bit is a real trigger these days. Permaban is a huge overcorrection, though, even for a heavily-moderated board.

I was of course aware of it but never read NeoGAF. I think I do have a login, but it isn’t even saved in Lastpass. Just seemed way too busy, you couldn’t have a conversation with anyone because there’d be 50 posts in that thread an hour later.


Huh, went to NeoGAF this morning out of habit, saw it was down for maintenance, but sounds like it’s much more dramatic than that? Would be weird if it was just gone - I liked checking it out for news and speculation, I treated it more like an aggregator than a forum. In fact, don’t think I was ever really even tempted to join up, the signal to noise ratio there seemed particularly unfavorable to me. But, it definitely had a place.

Side note, ugh, another clueless if not malevolent dude? Seems like we’re going through a painful but necessary purge. I just hope things are better for everyone when all is said and done.


Comes down to history and context. Jumping into a shower with a woman you don’t have a sexual relationship with can’t reasonably be classified as “clueless”. But if you were just out drinking and making out while clumsily groping each other in the cab back to the hotel, that’s different.


It’s not my intention to speculate on what happened or the motives of those involved, how would I know anyway? Just saying that we seem to be in the middle of a correction, of people who have been victimized trying to take the power back, if you will. I don’t know if this guy belongs on the list with folks like Weinstein and Toback, it just seems to be part of the moment. For better or worse.


Oh yes, absolutely. We only have one side of the story, and it’s being fought in the court of public opinion which only has a casual relationship with the truth.


Not that it matters, but based on this story at a bar, he’s probably some sort of MRA red pill type.

I feel like I’ve read similar stories before from that crowd.

Not really worried about him. As with all mob justice, it’s probably more than it should be, especially if an entire community is destroyed, but that’s what mobs do.


That’s not what I took from it at all. I think he put it really well, “My beliefs and my actions aren’t always in perfect harmony.”

Also there’s a huge difference between getting a little handsy drunk off your ass in a bar with a girl that initiated contact and the shower thing.


It sounds like based on MattN post above that Broken Forum would be a good place for them.


You are the weirdest dude lately with these stories. The strangest pedantry and defenses. Shrug.

Anyway, I’ve never heard anyone talk about “marks” and the bar drinks game without being sympathetic to the PUA community. Perhaps you have a different experience.


Are marks a PUA term? That term has been around for decades, meaning the target in a grift or scam. That’s how I read it. Not sure what the bar drinks game is. I mean, girls going to bars and flirting with dudes for free drinks is not a new thing either.