NeoGAF Implodes


WRT comments I’ve heard here and there about “Well, he might not be as in the wrong as the reaction seems to demand.”…

CORRECT. Personally, I think he is, but there’s a thing called “innocent until proven.” See, that’s what goes out the window in the sort of community of persecution that was cultivated there. Here too, back in the day, which is why I’m not a daily presence for a decade like I used to be. I think QT3 resolved its internal struggles, but over at GAF and some other places the rule is “drink the koolaid or be cast out.”

There was an incident years ago where a celebrity was accused of a heinous crime. I made a statement about it being perhaps premature to demand his death sentence, because as a celebrity there’s a possibility the accusation was an extortion attempt. Well, that got me called an “MRA” - a term I had no understanding of at the time - a “PRO RAPIST!” label and banned off the #QT3 chat channel.

When you factor in that I am one of the three original creators of this site, you could say I was considerably disturbed at this turn of events. I walked away. But I never let a grudge get too cold, and I’ll have my settlement eventually. You cannot believe how delighted I am to dance on the grave of NeoGAF. It’s off my jolly scale.

So, about the guilt or innocence of the accused guy… it doesn’t matter. And this is what pleases me so deeply, because it’s going to be a community wide lesson on the subject. It doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about WHY.

When you cultivate an echo-chamber mindset of unquestioning persecution based on rumor and accusation, where such an outrageous offense as hesitating to #FullKoolaid the group-think gets you fed feet-first into the social woodchipper by people who were your close comrades moments before… eventually you will become the target of your own monster.

If you choose to live in a shark tank, remember that at the first drop of blood in the water the frenzy will strike them and it won’t matter if the blood is one of their own - or yours. And truth be told, the pecking order of the society we’re desperately trying to create both online and IRL these days is one where the most accusatory, most judgemental, and most offendable can justify their intolerance and anger by projecting it on the accused du jour. If there is nothing to feed on for a while, the sharks start sizing each other up - because the mob must feed or become insolvent. Their only cohesion is the group identify of being judge and executioner.

So, what matters here is that we all remember that this incident is an example of social collapse in a society that derives identity from judgementalism of individuals external and ultimately internal, based on something so tenuous as a screenshot of a facebook comment that was then passed around social media. Ultimately I find it MOST interesting that this vehement proponent of “believe the accuser always” is himself immediately reduced to making statements like “She’s bitter and jealous and has a history of mental issues - don’t listen to her.” Oh my fucking god. That’s so glorious, I cannot gaze upon it without shading my eyes. This is the same guy who trumpeted that such statements were to be interpreted as certainty of guilt. He’s so textbook with his response that I’m surprised he didn’t move on to say “also, she was dressed like she wanted it.” Oh, how you deserve everything you’re going to get and for how long you’re going to be getting it, sir.

I’ll say this for the NeoGAF community… they had the dignity to burn down their village without delay and move on. That’s commendable. Now, maybe we can have a discussion about how their glorious leader turned out to be a heinous predator, and nobody noticed for 18 years. Why is it always the guy at the pulpit who turns out to be the devil all along? Society keeps falling for it.

Next time someone starts a cult of judgement, take a good hard look at their leadership.


This is really debatable. He owned the site, but was not a frequent poster and did little moderation himself. I would not be surprised if some posters there didn’t even know who he was, there were mods that were certainly much more well known within the community.


He wasn’t just the website. You ain’t shaking hands with Obama because you run GAF.


He did admit to doing what was accused. He just disputes the circumstances and what it meant. He also admitted to groping a woman in Spain, again disputing only the intent and circumstances. More disturbingly, he has no comment at all for getting caught posting nude images of someone else’s girlfriend to another forum before he started Neogaf.


Um, what? You may want to check your facts, that certainly wasn’t the White House. Pretty sure it was a result of this


You miss my point, Telefrog.

It doesn’t matter if he did it, didn’t do it, admitted it, or not. Someone social-media accused him by proxy with a screenshot. That’s ENOUGH to seal the deal. Guilt or not is an afterthought. The website certainly didn’t wait for him to make a statement, or for further investigation. Everything transpired based on a screenshot. This is normal now.


And so is making up bullshit…


Ah, okay. Your complaint(?) is that no one waited the 72 hours for him to release an official reply. They just took the woman at her word, then dug into his earlier issues and circulated his insane statement to the mods.


Yeah, I went and looked it up to be sure. I mean, it was said for humor but this being the internet I realized I have to fact check my jokes too. Thanks for proving that my effort wasn’t in vain. I edited it before I saw your reply, just for the record.

It doesn’t change the fact that Tyler was secretly the Cobra Commander of the Gamer Illuminati though.


Yes and no. No, he’s on record being a predatory PUA already. Yes, the normal behavior in society is the punish first and have the trial as a formality later. Anybody who objects to that goes under the bus.

The point of my post is that these communities who judge hardest seem to have the stinkiest skeletons in their closet.


Forums aren’t courts of law. There’s no ‘innocent until proven guilty’ standard. People are simply reading both sides and reaching their own conclusions.


In society at large, there is a very strong culture of not believing the victim in sexual harassment/rape accusations, straight out of the gate, regardless of evidence, and both harassment and rape are far, far more common than they should be and far less punished than they should be. Meanwhile there are very few documented cases of false claims. So it’s not exactly monstrous to suggest that the reverse should be one’s default position.


Looks like it’s pretty active. Honestly strictly on a practical level, upgrading to XenForo would be nice. I haven’t been on NeoGaf much but when someone quotes your post and replies, is there no way to get a notification?


It may not be monstrous but it’s certainly stupid, although kneejerk reactions tend to be.

Instead of presuming guilt until overwhelming evidence of innocence, perhaps one could instead reserve believing any party and instead offer support and compassion until whatever facts there may be come out and into the open?


They experimented with it at one time but it hurt performance or something and didn’t last long. XenForo supports all those features though, so it’s a nice improvement techwise from what GAF ran on.

And yeah very active, already some 5 page threads, looks like they have enough critical mass to sustain the new site and this was only the first wave of invites. Now to see how well they scale with increased load.


Let’s put it this way: if someone opens up about this sort of thing, in a public context, which is guaranteed to get them shat all over by society at large, perhaps we could default to taking them seriously? Of course it’s not an open and shut thing. It’s always possible there’s more to the situation. But at the very least disputing it can and should be done without adding to the narrative that alleged rape victims are usually crazy attention-seeking liars.


I don’t disagree with you. I think any person who makes an accusation of basically any of the “Human resources department no-nos” (to scope the thing into being not just the worst of behaviors but also include in crossing society ethical boundaries) should be taken as 100% legitimate and worthy of thorough formal investigation. God bless them for being brave in the face of it all.

What I’m talking about is not that. I’m talking about the mob social justice issue of treating accusation as certainty of guilt. I’m talking about the friend targeting the other friend as “you’re next” if they don’t follow along in vigilantism. And really it is social vigilantism, isn’t it?

The reason my content about group-think bullshit and not daring to question the mob’s course is based purely on personal experience of having been tossed under the bus myself for doing exactly that. And I wasn’t the first or last person around here that happened to. And we’re pretty chill compared to GAF, don’t you think?

But really, the satisfaction is that we all know he did it, and having his estimated $10m worth burned down by his congregation of elitist goons is simply the best thing I’ve seen all month. Don’t confuse my dislike of “throw your buddy under the bus for not drinking the koolaid” with defending his character. Oh no. I’m just saying they all deserve each other over there. Casting of stones and such.


I would tend to agree that the reaction is a little overboard but people, not unreasonably, feel really strongly about sexual predation.


I don’t see why it should be either disputed or endorsed. I don’t think you understand that it’s possible to not take a position, and that not taking a position may be better than weighing in on things of which only two people have even the remotest idea about.


I think NeoGAF could have survived mostly intact if things were handled better. The failure to address the community in a timely manner, talking to Waypoint before a statement was made to NeoGAF, the nature of the statement, the shutting down of Off Topic etc. all heavily contributed to it’s total implosion.