Neon White: Card-Based Parkour FPS Dating Sim...for freaks

I’m very excited about Neon White.

…which should come as no surprise given my affinity for games like Paradise Killer and Suda51. I guess I have an aesthetic.

I need to try this.

Finally out and the reviews are very good. I cannot imagine playing a speedrunning FPS on the Switch, but I’m also not at all sure my laptop will run it.

I just got this because it looks amazing and OMG it’s intense but so far it IS amazing.

How far have you gotten to have this reaction??? I want to have this reaction! I’m part way into the second section of trials and, well, I guess it just looks like another speedrunner to me. What makes it amazing and when will I reach that part? :)


Oh from jump it was like that for me, but I’ve not done a lot of speedrunning games so maybe that’s why? It’s the parkour that got me interested in this one. Been a parkour fan since Titanfall 2.

I don’t have much experience with Speedrun FPSes, but this is very good.

The levels are all really nicely tuned. Getting a silver is pretty easy once you understand the default path. Getting gold requires some good execution of that path, and getting Platinum/Ace generally requires finding a shortcut or alternate path in addition to solid execution. The path hints are maybe a bit too generous there, but I guess you don’t get them until you’ve hit gold or done a number of runs.

The per-character challenge dungeons are kind of interesting, but they don’t actually change up the gameplay that much as of the first couple chapters. Like, Violets gimmick is that everything has instakill spikes on them, but if you’re playing seriously, you’re going to reset after a mistake anyways, and often, missing a jump is death anyways as you fall off the level.

I don’t have much to say about the story. The theming is good, but the actual character interactions are pretty dull so far. It’s pretty Grasshopper Manufacture-y overall. The music is fine, but it’s just sort of there. Nothing like the bops in, say, Paradise Killer.

Playing on Switch, I’d recommend some remapping. I put jump on B, Fire on ZR, and Discard on ZL. Feels more natural basically as the two triggers are Fire and Alt Fire, and jump on a face button just feels better. I haven’t had to swap weapons on the fly much just yet, but I’ve left that on L for now.

I don’t have this game, but I’m enjoying going through the OST - it’s by Machine Girl and it sounds like it. However, it is a little generic and forgettable compared to their previous work like WLFGRL.

This was announced for Xbox and Game Pass a long time ago, but it’s finally landing this month.

My Game Pass app is telling me this is available to download now. I watched dunkey’s review again from above, this looks really good.