"Nerdcore" Rap

Totally fucking lame. I really don’t understand why this bullshit is gaining “momentum” (in their view) but I’m surprised that their audience doesn’t suddenly keel over died from an embarassment-caused heart-attack. Oh right, because they all look like this:

and think they look like this:

Is that Darth Vader?

Whatever, I’ve been listening to a lot of nerdcore rap lately like MC Lars.

Didn’t Weird Al pretty much issue the definitive work in this genre already?

Most of the genre is just vocabuwanking, but MC Chris is a real rapper.

Frontalot is alright, but it kinda bugs me that he claims to have “accidentally invented” the genre. MC Paul Barman was at least two years ahead of him (though he didn’t use the label,) and he wasn’t alone.

MC Chris is the only one of those guys I can listen to.

I thought MC 900 Foot Jesus was a nerd rapper about 15 years ago.

Is mc 900 foot jesus the one with that kickass song about arson? has a lyric in it like ‘I lite the fires while the city sleeps’ or something? that was a good song.

MC Chris is MC Peepants, for the ATHF crowd.

MC Chris owns. I wanna go to an MC Chris show.

Also, the real Tycho looks exactly like Strongsad.

Ug, I could never figure out the appeal of MC Paul Barman. And I still can’t figure out a lot of the nerdcore rap. I mean, I’m pretty nerdy and I like rap, but something about nerdcore rap is just plain stupid. “Hey look, I’m gonna make a song that sounds like gangster rap, but it’ll be about fax machines and cubicles. Isn’t that hilarious?”

Because being a member of an in-joke laden, hip and edgy counter-culture is such a new idea.

Frontalot is alright, but it kinda bugs me that he claims to have “accidentally invented” the genre. MC Paul Barman was at least two years ahead of him (though he didn’t use the label,) and he wasn’t alone.

I met Paul Barman once at a party, before his first album came out. I spent a good while making fun of him after listening to him hit on this girl, tell her he was a rapper, and proceed to stage whisper some incredibly lame rhymes in her ear. It was a pretty pathetic display.

In related name dropping news, I just realized I went to school and worked at the radio station with Frontalot (damien hess). He had a pretty fine radio show, and a one man band called “Urine Luck” that did a great cover of Manic Monday.

Not a fan of nerdcore, however. Someone over on metafilter linked to another nerdcore promo video which was even more nerdy:

Whatever, tied up with comic cons and stuff, fine, but one of the guys being interviewed is wearing a Doctor Doom mask. Which is total bullshit. MF Doom is already an established artist, with real cred. He’s plenty nerdy even, without being so… lame about it.

MC Chris is good stuff.

Nerdcore as a, what, movement?, is pretty stupid, but Frontalot is really quite talented in his way. C’mon, I heart fags is brilliant. It’s pretty amazing what he gets done with just Cool Edit.

Also, asking to be treated as real rappers in the same sentence. Hilarity.

Weird Al’s covers of existing songs are hardly the same thing as someone making up new beats with lyrics that only tenously go along with them, as in they are spoken at the same time not on tempo, and are only raps in the sense that they rhyme words.

Also, I’m going to pre-emptively say that Phoenix Orion sucks.

Pretty funny story about Paul Barman. I kind of suspected he wasn’t as handy with the ladies as he suggests on the CDs. And yeah, his albums can be hit-or-miss, but some songs are highly listenable – “Old Paul” has a bizarre appeal.

MC Chris sounds pretty good too though.

I enjoy it because I am not a mean dick!

There is nothing quite like the genius of MC Hawking. His collection, A Brief History of Rhyme, is some of the best $14 you’ll ever spend on a CD.