"Nerdcore" Rap

… your lack of taste in music also plays a strong role! For someone who lives in Brooklyn you show no shame for liking poseur hip hop that fails on so many levels.

Does pre-Samberg SNL lonelyisland count as nerdcore? Because they’re really quite talented, I still have Ka-Blamo and Stork Patrol on the MP3 player rotation. It’s too bad only Samberg gets to be in the SNL music videos, the guy with the really high pitched voice would have been a good addition to their rap parodies. But hey, at least the other two get to be writers. We can probably thank them for “Dick in a Box.”

Hey he’s good. But, but, but MC Frontalot looks like are cartoon character!

Good vs Cartoon… arrgghh my brain splody.

Actually, the Nerdcore Rising trailer wasn’t cut that well. The teaser is much better, but if the quality degraded from teaser to trailer, I don’t have much hope for the flick. Not that I care personally about, just that it might have been interesting.

(Not a nerd anything listener other than the Al.)

I’m not really a fan either, just to be clear.

The closest I’ve gotten to this is 2 Skinnee J’s, who I believe predate Paul Barman and Frontalot. Of course, they’re not still together, which could be why they’re not talked about these days.

I think Paul Barman had one good song and that’s it.

“I love it when you call me Paul Bar…man.”

Nerdcore should really skew more in the direction of what Bill Dungsroman sees when he closes his eyes.

Actually went to see MC Chris live in Baltimore a couple years back when a friend of mine who moved to Florida came back, and she was excited to go see him. Not a bad show, really. Pretty laid back, and the crowd gets into it, and he is relatively accessible. He rails a bit too hard against the establishment. Like… crazy violence, i.e. kill all the cheerleaders and jocks, which is retarded, but hey, the rest is pretty good. Fett’s Vette is awesome.

Erik J.

I’m sorry, but THIS is what Billy D sees when he closes his eyes.

I’m sorry, but THIS is what Billy D sees when he closes his eyes.

Not homoerotic enough.

Wait for the Sanjaya cover version.

That’s just plain awful. I think that ranks worse than the original video, even with it’s parody aspects. She needs to take some serious lessons from Weird Al.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he’d rather be seeing this. It’s “GOOD, GOOD”!

Wha… Machfive, you’re back!? After four years away from Quarter to Three? And you announce your triumphant return by… posting a video that’s deemed insufficiently homoerotic!

No MC++ or YTCracker?


I just listen to things that I enjoy, even if they may be lame! It’s easier than being a mean dick! ELO rules!

Damn. When you put it like that, I feel ashamed. ;D

I really do hate to pry, but I have to ask. I’m sure everyone’s wondering: Did you, in the end, actually go through with legally changing your name to that of a cartoon car?

Thank goodness, no. I came to my senses pretty soon after I drifted away from Qt3.

Well, now that you’re back, it’s clearly time to get on it! We demand a pic of the name change certificate once it’s official.