Nerf dart and ball blasters


Snagged the Deadpool Kronos set at lunch. Can’t really test them out at the office, but they seem cool. Only 90 FPS, compared to most of the other Rivals line at 100 FPS, but seems reasonable for what they are.

Safeties are a little stiff, but other than that they feel good.


Hey @wumpus do you know of anyone who makes custom battery doors for the Nemesis? I hate fiddling with the screw every time, seems like the kind of thing someone would’ve cooked up a 3D-printed replacement mod for, but my googling is failing me so far.


I don’t, you’d need to contact a hardcore Nerf modder for that. Sometimes Etsy has stuff as well but that is arcane.


For those looking for the Artemis (probably the best non-battery Rival blaster), Walmart has 2 of them (1 red, 1 blue) for $36.

That’s an amazing price.


Lot of Nerf stuff on sale at Amazon today:

Couldn’t get it to onebox or otherwise link correctly so you’ll have to copy paste


Time to gather your nuts, gentlemen


Wow, amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Anyone got any recommendations for the best nerf guns for young kids? Looking for something without batteries that’s got the easiest mechanism for cocking/priming the gun. Power and accuracy are almost completely irrelevant, just looking for something for my nephew to play around with.


Any Jolt style blaster is best. Priming is pretty tough even at age 5. Or you could go battery powered if you really love those particular kids.


Oh shhhhhhiiiiiit y’all


That might be too much for even me to justify. The Nemesis is great, but I’ve never even emptied the hopper on that in one go. Small house, small yard, there’s nowhere I could fire all 100 rounds at once and not lose 50+.

So 200 rounds and firing faster than ever? That looks amazing, but I think I’ll be able to resist.


No you won’t.


Most of my family is in town for a wedding so now I can finally tell people “look, see, I just bought all this stuff for my nephews to play with, not me!”


Ah yes, the “cool uncle” technique. I am aware of this strategy, and it is also a part of my repertoire!


Not Nerf but…


I don’t think nerf and paintballs are comparable. Paintballs hurt so much more.

Also, I don’t think you could dent a car with a nerf dart.


They might become comparable if demand for high(-er) powered Nerf becomes a thing.


Yes, paintball is 100% unrelated to nerf. It’s using compressed air, the guns are mostly metal, shoots dramatically harder, and the balls of paint rip open on contact, leaving (washable, I presume) paint on the target.

Fascinating bit of history here actually


Obvious comment time:

“The only solution to a bad guy with a paintball gun is a good guy with a paintball gun”


They have this now on Etsy

Also they have what I wanted, which is a custom 3d printed loading funnel for the Nemesis