.NET code management

So at work I’m dealing with this program whose editable code is an unholy mess of .NET code, barely commented and with references to random shit all over the place.

Is there anything good for code management for .NET? I’m sure Eclipse isn’t the right thing to use, since it’s Microsoft, but any other programs recommended for the purpose?

I desperately need to be able to track object and class definitions through this mess.

.NET is not a language, it’s a framework. If it’s mostly C# then the standard answer would be some version of Visual Studio. If there are many languages involved you may have to use different editors.

Visual Studio 2008 has the class view, object browser, and auto-generated class diagrams, try those. Is there something more specific you need?

Visual Studio (Standard and up, not Express) supports all languages that are officially supported by Microsoft, not just C#. It’s very unlikely that this project uses unsupported languages.

Aaron, don’t you have VS at your workplace? If you’re actually supposed to maintain a .NET project without VS I’d quit immediately and find another job.

You’re right, it’s C# and I want to say XML through (or over?) .NET, not .NET itself.

It’s not actually my job to maintain the program or the database. I was told to find out if this project I suggested is possible, and if so, to implement it.

VS does the trick, though. Thank you. :)

Are you working from code created by a spectacularly bad programmer or from a .NET decompiler?

If the former, sorry to hear it, if the latter, that is going to be more trouble than it is worth in the long run and it is also legally shakey and just lame if your work is for commercial purposes.

The former. It’s a program called Help Desk by Altiris. The code I’m working with is the “customizable” templates, which are so badly programmed and structured that I occasionally stop, tilt my head, blink a few times, then erupt in a fit of giggles for five minutes.