Net Neutrality: Comcast Blocking Netflix


The issue though is a 7.50 fee on a 20 dollar plan is outrageous. That’s an almost 40% unadvertised increase. That’s simply should not be acceptable, and that’s not including the taxes.


I agree with that, completely. With any hope, legal responses might at least make them have to announce it as part of the plan cost.


You guys really should have Title II regulation for broadband:


That is a nice deal. My TV may be too old however. It has a USB port, but I think that’s for updating firmware only. Or does the Roku plug into the HDMI port? Is the Spectrum deal available to all customers, or only certain select regions? (Spectrum bought out Brighthouse recently, and sometimes still redirects me to the Brighthouse website.)


HDMI port. The deal was originally only to those of us who have internet only, except my mom had TV and they offered it to her. I am not sure if she threatened to cancel or what, so… not entirely sure. 19.95, 7.50 for the BS broadcast fee, around 5 in taxes. The best deal, by far though are those premium channels for 3 each a month for… I think it said 3 years.

If your’re looking to buy a new TV, and I assume it’s pretty old if it doesn’t have an HDMI port, there are a tone of deals pretty much every day through maybe February for them. 32 inches are fairly easily under 200.

It is an app though so in addition to the streamers and the Roku Smart TVs (TCL), devices that run Android and Apple should be able to run it, might be a few other devices too.

Actually, if you have a TV component inputs, I think you can just get a different device than what charter is offering:


For comparison’s sake, this page

says that regular cable TV is $65 by itself, and $60 when bundled with Internet, for 12 months. Though what we have now is not HD and does not have so many channels. I will have to look at the bill again to make sure. Not sure what channels are available to stream, either.


Yeah I’ve seen their package pitches for years. I’ve been a cord cable cutter since roughly 2009, back then an indoor antenna pulled in several channels. Here I have to many mountains and it would have to be on the roof.

Overall the price isn’t terrible. I agree. I’ve often said for good internet and good cable, the two together should be around 100. The problem is an almost 40% bullshit fee is not just outrageous it dishonest. They’re charging you extra for TV in a TV package. If they want 30 dollars for that, advertise thirty for that. I hope the lawsuits end that practice entirely.



Trump-appointed Pai’s plan would scrap the agency’s core net neutrality rules, which prohibit internet service providers like Comcast or Verizon from blocking or slowing web traffic or negotiating paid deals with websites for “fast lanes” to consumers. The FCC will vote on the change in December.


Pai is terrible. He is almost as weasely as Kellyann, with no apprehension about straight up lying and showing contempt for anyone calling his bullshit.

I despise the man.


Say goodbye to Steam / Netflix.


If there is one person who i hope falls down an elevator shaft and straight in to Hell, it is Ajit Pai. The guy is a total scum bag and corrupt asshole. I love how even though something like 98% of people who made comments (that werent obviously spam) were against this, they are still doing it because their owners told them to.

It is only going to get worse.


I need ideas for hobbies once the internet becomes out of reach for my thrifty ass.


The one thing I think we can do- we might not be able to stop this law, but we can punish the hell out of any company that pays for fast lanes. Put the boycott on the companies that do this- if they get hurt enough, no one will pay for fast lanes and it dies that way.

This isn’t going to be instant and brutal- they’re going to boil the frog slowly, and a win in 2020 by the Dems should reverse this decision. If you get the House and Senate, net neutrality will get enshrined into law. (worst case they’ll find a way to make it part of a reconciliation bill)


Hard to boycott when like 90% of us are in monopolies.


I’ve said it many times lately. Fuck that guy!


Nah. Steam and Netflix are both too rich and influential to be adversely affected by this. It’s the potential future replacement for Steam or Netflix that’s really getting screwed. They won’t be able to afford to buy in.


They’ll still have to pay. They can probably afford to, but yeah the “next big thing”… just wont happen at all.


A site like Twitch never would have happened without net neutrality. They’ll be ok now since Amazon owns them, but before that acquisition they never would have made it past the ISPs.


They sure will. And they’ll pass those costs right along to the consumers. Sweet, unfettered capitalism, just as Trumpai desires.