Net Neutrality: Comcast Blocking Netflix


I don’t either, but identy theft is some kind of crime, so that would be the basis for needing the information.

Ajit Pai is either behind it or complicit in hiding it now. I guess he’s got a big payoff coming from the telecom interests.


Not really sure how a subpoena from a state would work against an agency of the federal government.


Kinda late, but…

This is, in the parlance of our times, fake news. It’s just a way for people on mobile plans to have an additional n GB per month to use on specific apps. So, you’ll have a base x GB to use as normal, browse forums, play games, the usual and an extra y GB to use on specific apps. 5€ per month for 10GB to use in specific apps it looks like, don’t really use this…

I have a normal fiber connection, unlimited usage, none of this applies. There is net neutrality in Portugal, at the very least because we’re an EU country and have to apply European legislation…


How to start a boycott on yourself.

When people complain, make sure you hire someone to copy and paste generic call center responses.

Tmobile’s social team is better.


“Verizon supports Verizon lawyer’s proposal”.


My GF asked me what the new rules would do to our cable bill. A few months ago we dropped TV and went to just internet and streaming. Our bill dropped from $145 to about $90. I told her we’d be doing good after they hit us with the streaming plan, plus the gaming plan, plus the business plan since I use a VPN, that we’d be doing good if it only went up to $130.


They’ll charge out the nose for the streaming and gaming plans because they “use so much bandwidth, we have to do it.”


The competitive argument is bunk, of course. There is effectively no competition in most markets for broadband. The sunk costs in the infrastructure prohibit start ups, so barring a paradigm shift in technology it’s a closed fish-in-a-barrel market for the existing players.

Now, from an absolutist perspective, yeah, the ISPs “own” the stuff that allows you to access the net. So if you’re into pure absolute Randian libertarianism, I guess it makes perfect sense for the them to gouge the hell out of people because, hey, you don’t like it, build your own ISP! Given how vital broadband is to, well, everything, a sensible society would regulate it like it does any other vital utility. But we live in the USA, where even the right to live (as per health care) is just one more commodity. Can’t afford it? Fuck you, I have hedge funds to swim in.


I don’t think we’ll see doom and gloom immediately- they might even wait until after 2020, to try and convince folks “it isn’t so bad”. After 2020 they’ll pillage us.


To the optimism thread with you! I hold out no hope - Comcast and Verizon have already been caught testing means to screw us over most effectively, and very soon won’t have to apologize anymore for any stunt they wish to pull.


The_Donald and many in /pol/ are taking the contrarian position of Net Neutrality is bad and some in /pol/ are actually wishing for 4chan to be banned. Although I’ve seen personal details of Agit Pai and his wife being passed around so this has pissed off many in the channers/alt right too.




ProTip: Matthew Prince is the CEO/Founder of Cloudflare. This is awesome.


I approve.


Could Cloudflare do something like make Comcast virtually unusable unless they promised not to do anything that would violate net neutrality by blocking all Comcast traffic through their service. It would suck for Comcast users, but it would be a nuclear option, and tell folks they can drop Comcast if they don’t like it.

Comcast would lose business even if consumers felt like they were in the middle. It would be no different than the squabbles between network TV channels and cable companies. It’s probably going to take something drastic and widespread to keep the ISPs in line.


Meanwhile I’m here in India where people can get 1GB of 4G and LTE Dara a day, for about $7 a month.

And as someone who has Comcast, because I have literally no alternatives despite living in the Chicago suburbs, I’d be out for blood. And, invariably, would wind up having to explain to people 50 times a day why this is really Comcast’s, and the Trump administration’s, fault.


I wonder, though; if you also have Comcast TV in your Internet bundle, what incentive would they have to tighten the screws? Maybe they’ll just apply their torture devices to people who no longer use their TV but only have them for an ISP. Not, um, that that’s good or anything.


Because they sell things like digital rentals, can sell subscriptions to HBO go, own several networks whose advertising is negatively impacted by declining ratings due to cord cut cutting and streaming. And a whole host of digital offerings they would rather you use than, say, Netflix.

Basically as ISP they have interests directly against your unfettered access. Even if you subscribe to TV. They always want to sell you more.


You guys pay insane money too

im on fibre, 55/10mb, phone line rental, nationwide access to hotspot wi-fi, unlimited calls nationwide from landline - $60 a month