Net Neutrality: Comcast Blocking Netflix


I think there’s a good chance we could end up with blackouts like that the same way networks will disappear from cable or sat services over carriage fee disputes.


Wow, Republicans are really having a fire sale now that they control all 3 branches of government.


Internet users are a lot more likely to do something drastic though. Then again at this point with the rule of law fading, I kinda expect a few wannabe Midnight Riders to pop up if this keeps going on.


More like a brownout with spotty performance for Comcast users when Netflix refuses to pay Comcast. Comcast won’t block Netflix but they will throttle it.

I think instead of paying $125 per month for cable and $60 per month for internet, we will soon be paying $125 for internet and some combination of $60 per month for tv-like services. The duopolies are not going to allow their revenue streams to slow.


The FCC guy is really an unfunny unaware dick:


He should be beaten to death with a shovel.


Definitely a punchable face.



And… it’s official. 2-1 vote to adopt the NPR, as was always going to happen.


I was told elections didn’t matter. :(


Most likely scenario, this gets slow-tracked and passed despite massive outrage
a lawsuit follows, stalling it until the 2020 election or close to it

if Dems win WH, FCC goes 3-2 Dems and they reverse this order or stop it from going through
if Republicans win WH we’re hosed
if Dems get congress too- we might see a real internet protection act in 2021 or 2022.


The internet, without internet.


Surprising no one (not programmed):


I miss the good old days when politicians at least acted like they weren’t bought and paid for by their corporate donors.



Here’s a handy little tool for all you good people there

Check your names. And fuck Comcast.


Is the “Brief Comment” the same every time?


According to that tweet chain it is. Never been a Comcast customer so can’t confirm one way or the other.


I did a few searches, neither my wife or my names appeared.

Well they did, but not at my address.

I didn’t see any family members either, but in all my searches the text is identical.


I am not a CC customer, and my first/last does not appear. I searched for just my lastname and there were 30 matching results, and 28 of them were that exact same astroturf text.