Netflix and Marvel teaming up for original programing


Very encouraging news.

— Alan


Generally positive impressions from Varietyand Village Voice.


I didn’t read much Daredevil back in my comic days (stopped in 1985 or so), so is Kingpin a historical antagonist of DD or is that a Frank Miller/Marvel Knights invention? My exposure to Kingpin comes mostly from Spiderman and there he seemed more uptown than slumlord.

Anyway, the show looks great and I am excited to check it out.


Kingpin was mostly a Spider-Man villain until Frank Miller brought him into DD for his run during the 1980s. Read Daredevil: Born Again for the definitive Kingpin story.


Kingpin first appeared in Spider-man 50, but he wasn’t used much as a villain, and was coopted by Daredevil and became his primary antagonist. There is a reasonable amount of overlap between their respective enemies though, as they were both considered “street level” heroes, so Daredevil fought Electro, etc.


Apparently Netflix has a street art campaign going on for it (it’s a cool idea):

I spotted this in SF.

— Alan


I am so excited for this, I feel like a kid on the night before his birthday. I only wish it would start airing at midnight local so I could give it a proper binge watch. Instead it’s going to be showing up at 3AM here.

Of course, I do have to get up at exactly that time to pre-order an Apple Watch (like an idiot), so maybe I’ll watch a couple of episodes before the kids get up around 5!


Well I watched the first 15 minutes, but I really need some sleep…

— Alan


Episode 1 was great. The fight choreography is just brutal. No fast cuts here, it’s like watching a boxing match with ninja moves. It’s deliberate on their part, of course, considering Matt’s backstory.

[edit]Halfway through episode 4 and it’s fantastic. The acting is top notch all around, with special kudos to the guy who plays Foggy and Rosario Dawson’s weary nurse.


holy moses this is dark stuff…I like it a lot, but man - not for the squeamish.


Watched the first two. Fight scene at the end of the second episode is absolutely top notch. I’m a sucker for one take scenes, and loved the bits of him crashing into other rooms and then staggering out. It does a real good job of showing him as a beginner vigilante. Costume is tacky and cheap, and when he takes a beating he doesn’t just bounce up; you can tell the fighting takes a lot out of him. The touches with sound are great too.


Am saving this for my son and I to watch. He’s super excited for it, so hopefully it’s not too dark (he’s 14 - but he’s a fairly mature 14).


Well, I’ve only seen first episode, and the themes are pretty dark. Human trafficking, violence, drugs, people being maimed, killed, threatened, and by people I mean young and old, men and women and teenagers.

There is no nudity though so take from that what you want.


That does sound pretty dark. Well, I’m not about to tell him he can’t watch it because it might be a little violent, any more than I would tell him he couldn’t if there were some nudity, I guess. Thanks for the heads up!


There’s a particularly gruesome scene at the end of episode 3. Be warned.


Really? It gets worse? I’m unsure if I should continue watching it then, actually.


Just finished episode 4 and it also ends with some ultra-violence. Yep. It gets worse, but in fairness, it’s in service to an excellent story.


For what it’s worth, “a little violent” would be quite an understatement. The show is brutal in places and I’ve found some of the scenes a bit difficult to watch myself.


Goddammit. Well, I can’t exactly tell him he can’t watch it without being a huge dick about it. I guess I’ll have to hope if it’s too bad he’ll decide to not watch it. I held him away from Game of Thrones, which I think he’d enjoy the shit out of, due to a lot of that type of thing. Is it worse than GoT in terms of violence?


About the same level, actually. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it would take a very mature 14 year old to handle some of this. Are you willing to pre-watch to screen if it’s suitable for him? I’m certain this show will bear up to repeated watchings. I’m almost as eager to watch again as I am to finish it up! If that makes any sense…

Full credit to Marvel for going ahead with this. It’s very Frank Miller in tone, albeit not stylized like the Sin City movies or Dark Knight animated stuff.