Netflix and Marvel teaming up for original programing


Isn’t strange how violence does not give us too much pause, but nudity seems to be a sticking point?


Beware - There’s a side boob flashing in the first episode!!!


And this show deserves a properly named thread.


On it.


Since the show has its own thread now, I can safely admit, that I know this is a big difference between Americans and Europeans often - I tend to dislike dark violence (Especially when it concerns my kids of course) but I have no issue with nudity at all and I know its often the opposite for Americans, which is why I wrote my reply the way I did, without trying to disrupt the thread too much :-)


I forgot we had a general thread for the Netflix Marvel shows. So here’s Marvel TV officially acknowledging the end of this era and teasing some future continuation for these characters.


I mean, is there any chance those shows aren’t stuck in rights hell forever? I’m sure Disney retained the IP to do whatever they want with the Daredevil character in the future, but presumably Netflix has a stake in this particular expression of Daredevil?

Though of course everything has a price at the end of the day.


I do, and this line inspires great hope in me.


There’s certainly precedent for cancelled shows being revived on new networks with the same cast, and if anyone’s going to be gun shy about letting someone else retain any kind of rights or control over their characters, it’s Disney/Marvel.


So Netflix cuts the final cord with Disney.

I doubt we see these current incarnations again. None of the other series have been taken up by Disney so far and casts are going to be signing on for other projects now they aren’t under contract.


I think the cast could certainly still work future shows into their schedules if it was important enough to Disney. I don’t see that as a roadblock. They’re short seasons (arguably still too long, but that’s not the point) and the way the lineup rotated in the past, it wasn’t like everyone was tied up every year.

It’s absolutely possible some of these stars may want to move on or could be busy, but in the absence of any evidence either way, I don’t think there are any clearly insurmountable issues to Disney coming back to these versions of these characters in some form.


Well apart from the horrific ultra-violence, particularly in The Punisher (which, barring an 11/10 mega amazing 3rd season from Jessica Jones, is going down in my book as the best Marvel Netflix show overall by a pretty decent margin).


You spelled “Daredevil” wrong. Common mistake.

(Punisher 2 was really good tho)


Disney was okay with it on Netflix, so I don’t think they’re wholly against that portrayal. I’ve heard it floated that with their larger stake in Hulu post-Fox acquisition, they could use Hulu for original content that wouldn’t fit on Disney+. I don’t know if it’s likely (for the Marvel Netflix shows specifically or for anything else), but it’s a possibility.


Agree, if these shows ever did see the light of day again it would have to be on Hulu. Don’t ever see the official Disney service going beyond PG, maybe PG-13 level material.


My brother keeps telling me I really need to watch The Punisher. “It’s actually really good!” he keeps insisting. I think he knows how much of my soul Daredevil sucked out before I finally gave up on it, so I figure maybe I should give it a try.


I mean look it’s mostly just like 18 hours of Jon Bernthal screaming like a monstrous animal from your worst nightmare, sickly squelching and snapping noises as bodies are rent asunder, and shocking hyper-violence.

But it does all of that incredibly well!


Bernthal is so perfect for that role. He just slays it. Imagine how cringy that show would be with a lesser or at least less-suited lead.



(I kid, I love Bernthal so much in this role, and I know what you mean)