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Good choice. It’s sort of the opposite of A Quiet Place where every character’s motivation was telegraphed and you could drive a diesel truck through the plot holes. Bullock is very versatile here, and I appreciated her character’s attitude. This sounds weird but I make my living from post-apocalyptic stuff, and Bird Box was one of the better PA movies I’ve seen a few years.


I’m in the middle of watching Bird Box right now: my daughter is home from college and wanted to watch it with me (the parent who enjoys horror movies), but I had to work this morning and couldn’t stay up late enough to finish it. We’ll see the last half-hour this afternoon.

So far, so good. It’s a post-apocalyptic plague/zombie type of thing where you have a house full of strangers thrown together in a situation that they don’t fully grasp. They then have to figure out the rules of the setting along with the audience while navigating their interpersonal frictions. I like these types of stories - Night of the Living Dead, The Mist, etc.

The cast is pretty good too. Some young eye-candy and likeable minor characters who exist pretty much to die in interesting ways… plus Bullock and Malcovich, who are both solidly in their comfort zones.


That sounds more interesting than it sounds weird. What do you do?


seconded for how horrible this movie is. Avoid it.


My wife sits down every single night and scours Netflix and Amazon Prime to find comedies. Whenever she asks me what I want to watch, she always says “I need to find something funny to watch, the world is so depressing these days” (she says it like it’s a new revelation, not like it’s the thing she says EVERY NIGHT).

So I don’t get to watch any sort of thriller, scary, sci fi movie (she labels all of those as “horror movies” as in “I don’t want to watch one of your horror movies tonight”).

Long lead up to… she found this movie yesterday and we watched it last night This is Not What I Expected, which is about a super-rich guy who buys hotels and the perky chef who’s cooking stuff for him. It’s a mixed up screwball romantic comedy with cooking thrown in. I believe it was made in China, so you’ve got to be willing to watch with subtitles on.

The plot is nothing extraordinary but it’s a lighthearted romp that I enjoyed.


Bird Box is like Quiet Place but more fun. Both are a bit dumb though.

I watched Life yesterday which was also kinda dumb but fun and with cool downer ending. And Snowpiercer which I liked a bit more.


Finished Bird Box – the last half wasn’t as good as the first, but on the whole it was very enjoyable. If you liked A Quiet Place or pretty much any “zombie siege” movie, you’ll like this fine.

I’m looking forward to the three upcoming sci-fi/horror movies featuring loss of the other senses:

He Who Smelt It: A prehistoric variety of predatory skunk is cloned by misguided geneticists and humanity is decimated by explosive nasal detonation. Now a small band of survivors must learn to live while constantly wearing clothespins on their noses.

Eat Drink Man Monster: Esmeralda once thought that her genetic aversion to cilantro was a curse, but when a space-born bacteria causes the entire population of Texas to turn into mindless psychopaths, she finds herself guiding her spice-loving family through a hellscape of bland, tasteless food.

Touch of Madness: After a horrific biological war, humanity must contend with the fact that touching anything not sanded down to at least 1500 grit causes excruciating pain. An elite special forces team is dispatched to a remote research facility in the hopes of finding a cure. Can they complete their mission when their bodies are coated in seven layers of bubble-wrap?


Yup! Watched it. No regrets!

It was a quasi-zombie movie. I enjoyed certain parts of it. As a whole it was…merely okay. Definitely watchable though.

I liked the idea of an exteriors-only omnipresent suicide “god” who has to first be seen in order to have any affect…and his sight-blessed followers who range from overtly hostile to totally friendly, to deploying subterfuge.



Terrible, stupid movie that makes no sense at all once your realize that a number of the characters are actually supposed to be smart, like scientist. The rest are are survivors with no survival sense at all. Someone told me it’s supposed to be horror, not sci-fi. I don’t really do horror, gross but Aliens and Lake Placid and Deep Blue Sea kind of get there for me… and I think it’s even worse if you judged by that genre. When people start dying in this one; it’s kind of hard to care.

But they put money in this; you can tell. And if you dreamed of a movie where Sam Worthington just winds up not talking anymore, here you go.


We watched it last week, finally. Bird Box bothered me more than A Quiet Place in that it just kept stretching you to take in more and more unreasonable things for the sake of the plot. Example, early in the movie once the evil arrives you accept that someone stumbling because they can’t see is them getting used to the new way of things. But what happens repeatedly from that point on, right up until the the last five minutes of the movie? Someone stumbles while attempting to run, blindfolded.

We should have a thread about it. I’m with Tom, I think it was A Quiet Place for Dummies.


So if you saw the Raid movies but thought they just weren’t violent enough then “The Night Comes for Us” will fix that.



It is quite the thing.



Well I guess we all should have seen that coming. Some people are just… well, I guess it’s always something.


I don’t understand your complaint. Are you saying they should never run? Or they should never stumble?


Neither really, but that after the third or forth time someone stumbles while trying to get away due to being blindfolded, you’re just beating a dead horse to add tension.

To put it in perspective, how many jump scares is tolerable versus over the line? The tripping just bothered me a bit.




That’s fair, I appreciate the clarification. To me, tripping over things seems like one of the primary dangers of the blindfoldpocalypse so it didn’t really stand out.


The tripping stood out for me but wasn’t nearly enough to destroy the whole movie.

I didn’t like last part of the movie, and the ending…at all. It was bad in that it was waaaay too happy. Bullock should have had to have gouged out her own eyes to avoid death and the blind safe haven should have been a bleak rag tag bunch of blind people and people who stabbed out their own eyes. No smiles allowed.


What I didn’t understand about Bird Box was how no one, in 5 years, came up with the idea to use a cane to help them when blindfolded. Sure, not much use when running, but when scavenging or whatever.