Netflix movie finds


I wasn’t enjoying it after about 15 minutes, so I watched the last 20 minutes, then went back and watched the whole thing and it was a much better experience with that context. I watched the trailer after all that and I think the end of the movie is a better way to preview the movie than the trailer.



I wish I had known Stephen King had recommended it before I wasted those two hours.

#225 is still a thing?



CLOSE - small intense thriller starring Noomi Rapace. Ridley ‘um’ Scot sure did hand her a poisoned chalice ! She’s great in this. Does get a bit messy narratively logistically toward the end.


I’m not following - what does this mean, here?


I think he’s referring to Prometheus, written and directed by Scott, which Noomi Rapace starred in and was generally terrible.

Edit: turns out it was written by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts, so Scott does deserve a poke overall, but perhaps not for the writing.


Menzo is correct. I am referring to PROMETHEOUS. Of course Ridley deserves a poke he was the captain of that ship he hired the staff and oversaw and ok’d the writing.
I don’t think NR’s career has been quite the same after Prom which I’m sure was sold as cementing her as major star.


I like her. Nowhere near a major star, but I’m glad she seems to be getting steady work with Netflix. Haven’t seen Close yet, but I thought she was pretty good in Bright and What Happened to Monday.


Also really enjoyed her in The Drop.


It sucks that I immediately recognized Tom Hardy on that page.

Thanks a lot Venom. You managed to do something that dozens of Tom Hardy movies couldn’t do. Stupid Venom. It was really neat that I never really knew what he looked like for sure, what with being behind masks and makeup most of the time.


Now maybe you can join the ranks of those of us who cannot distinguish between Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green.



Wow, those are two different people?

Sweet. (Though I’ve never heard the name Logan Marshall-Green before, so I’m not sure if it will ever come up).


I’m saying that I think PROMETHEOUS was suppossed to cement her as a major star at least the star of a massive blockbuster trilogy but that in fact it actually ended up harming her career.

Anyway I’m speculating.

Wasn’t sure about that Tuesday film as a piece but she did well in it.
Not seen Bright.
She sis excellent in Close.


Yes, I’m not disagreeing with you. It’s plausible.


You should check out Upgrade. Which is on Netflix! if only on disc. And thus does my thread derail loop back around to relevance - good night, everybody!


Ok cool. 👍🏻


Will take a look.


Logan Marshall Green is also really good in a Netflix movie called Sand Castle, about the hearts-and-minds efforts after the invasion of Iraq. He’s got a relatively small part, but he stands out. And he’s also good as the lead in a psychological thriller called The Invitation.

I’m nearly at the point where I’m going to start calling Tom Hardy a Logan Marshall Green look-a-like.