Netflix movie finds

Anyone watched Orbiter 9? Looks like it could be great or terrible.

Yes, I enjoyed it, but that’s because I didn’t watch the trailer. If you have, you’ll have the first act of the movie ruined by stupid trailer guy, clearly not something the director anticipated after going to such lengths to set things up. Actually, stupid trailer guy shows you pretty much the entire plot minus the details. Without seeing the trailer, it’s an interesting study into the motivations of one of the leads, although it goes predictable places in the third act. The conclusion is quite satisfying, although you’ll probably see it coming. Worth a watch I’d say… if you haven’t seen the trailer.

Might as well throw in this reminder here, Moon is also on Netflix. I totally missed it when it came out and was interested when Entertainment Weekly mentioned it in a blurb about Sam Rockwell. It’s a Qt3 favorite, Moon thread is here.

I’ll throw in a recommendation for Wild, Wild Country, a six-part documentary about the arrival of Indian guru Rajneesh (aka Osho) in Oregon, USA in the early eighties, and the utopian city his followers built for him… until they went one murder plot too far. Fascinating and gripping, it sets itself apart with an astonishingly amount of original footage and an even look into the events and protagonists of this surreal tale. It’s simply hard to believe all of this actually happened.

The series is mentioned in the TV forum but yes it is fascinating. I just finished it and was amazed.

I liked Orbiter 9, but what was the final scene about?

Well, I assume it was…

…their daughter, so they agreed to go back into the simulator in order to be together to have the baby, the condition being that she would be freed at some point (either at a certain age, or when her parents died, they leave that hanging). Looks like about 20 years have passed. Presumably they didn’t succeed in freeing anyone else though, so this was purely about finding a solution for themselves and their daughter.

Watched Black Sea, found it in a search for submarine movies. Stars Jude Law. Actually pretty entertaining as a light action flick, solid 3/5; a Saturday popcorn movie. Diving scene pretty tense…

I re-watched parts of the movie plus the ending. Your explanation makes sense,

Not that I am the Thread Nazi, but the necro of this thread frog-leaped over another Netflix thread, located here

I mention it as I have gotten many a good title from it over the years.

I am currently watching a Norway-based series called Occupied, involving a soft Russian invasion of Norway with the consent of the EU. The first episode makes it look like a weak action film, but I am now three episodes in and it is quite intriguing.

If you don’t know about Norsemen, you’re missing out. It’s a brutal, grimy, hardscrabble tale of life in a 9th-century Viking village, except that it’s also a deadpan comedy featuring the worst boss since David Brent.

If @tomchick has not seen “Dead Set” on Netflix, he should.

Not that it is anything spectacular, but I think it scratches those itches.

Pretty sure he’s talked about it multiple times on the podcast.

Dude, please. :) Dead Set is where I became a Charlie Booker, Yann Demange, Andy Nyman, and Riz Ahmed fan. Speaking of, I wonder what became of Ray Winstone’s daughter. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything since Dead Set.

I do appreciate the heads-up. Dead Set is the sort of thing I would be mad if I missed!


Yes, daughter. There’s also a rocket taking off so it looks like humanity isn’t doomed. Sim project is ending as there is no need. She turns around. It is probably the father. The mother probably did not survive. You can choose to believe there was more than one person behind her if you wish.

If you like crime dramas, I can recommend Seven Seconds, ten episodes about a black teenager who is accidentally killed by a cop and the resulting coverup. It can be heartbreaking at times. I recognized Regina King, who starred in American Crime.

This full length version of a neat little short film from a couple years ago was actually pretty good. I thought Martin Freeman did a great job as the lead.

Cargo on Netflix

NB, that is not the Swiss sci-fi film of the same name.

Yeah geez Cargo was a freakin’ rough ride. Very child centric, which is an unusual take in the zombie genre. Quite good though, rotten tomatoes 80%-ish.

The uniquely Australian undertones of the aborigines getting their comeuppance was also a nice touch.

It nailed the landing, too.

I’m not crazy about Cargo, but I love Martin Freeman in it. Also, Cargo is the movie A Quiet Place wished it could be.

I do not think that word means what you think it means. :)