Netflix movie finds


Oh yes I meant to write

The aborigines seeing comeuppance

e.g. their native land is ultimately reclaimed from these strange white settlers, in the weirdest possible way. Reverting to “the old ways” which now work, when the new ones suddenly stop working.


Has anyone watched this “The Staircase” documentary?

I guess not new, but newly available on netflix.


Never heard of it. Do you think it’s worth watching?


Universal acclaim based on 9 critics

I lived in Durham, NC at the time this trial went on, but I’m sure I paid no attention.


My wife had one of her colleagues turn up to work yesterday appearing hungover. When inquiring about his wellbeing he responded “I binge watched The Staircase till three in the morning”.

So there’s that…


Holy shit, this whole legal story didn’t “finish” until TWENTY SEVENTEEN. Like one year ago! No wonder it’s just being released now (I guess they recorded a few new episodes as a capstone).

While I agree the case was quite circumstantial, looking at pictures of the crime scene (the proverbial staircase) I find it veeeeerrrryyy hard to believe that this was not foul play. I’d need to see some really freakin’ lethal staircase accident examples to believe otherwise.

Some other details glossed over in the documentary, which by the end seems to quite clearly want to exonerate Peterson:



No you have to be a member of the cult of his personality to not be suspicious.

What is very interesting to me, is I am not sure I could say his attorney conducted himself as a professional, given the stakes…and then he was “surprised” at the verdict. I doubt many other people were. I think Peterson was his golden goose case. Appeal-potential would have made him happy.

However, I think there is the underlying current that the lawyer did not like his client, as he had been lied to a few times. I wonder if he began to suspect his client could have been involved.

The physical difference between pre-prison and post is striking.


This indie flick called The Last Jedi is available. So the fans can watch it again to bask in its “risk taking”, and the haters can put it on and scream at their TV about how Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars.


I would like to recommend the “Netflix Original” film Tallulah. It stars Ellen Page as a homeless young woman who basically kidnaps a baby. She then takes it to Allison Janney, who plays the mother of the homeless boyfriend Ellen Page just left. Cue the guilt tripping! Both actresses turn in great performances. Please watch it.


I watched the Netflix Original Tau so you all don’t have to. I found it absolutely horrible. It lacked anything resembling good writing, and substituted cliche for narrative. Jesus. It was so bad.

Pet peeve; Evil science man had remotes for like everything. One for shackles on his evil operating table. One for punishing his computer. Probably others I’m forgetting. This is done for lazy reasons. Let’s face it, movie people, these folks are gonna control everything from their phones, like we do right now with smart devices. I’m sorry you couldn’t think of a better way to get your protagonist out of a situation, and had to fall back on solutions that maybe applied to older movies.

I need to stop watching every shitty science fiction movie that shows up on this service, but I just can’t help myself.


Ha ha, you saw Tau. Also, make sure not to miss Cloverfield Paradox! :)

Oh, sounds like you’ve already seen it.



Sadly, I have.



Netflix holds nothing of bad-gawd-awfulness like Amazon Prime does. Some really horrendous stuff there.


Amazon Prime Video (at least for Canada) feels like the Windows Phone app store for video.


Dang, I saw it pop up the other day and put it in my queue.

Removed, thanks for the warning.


re: best worst of NF:
‘Seagal, as always, looks like an erection with Dracula drawn on it’

/adds Contract to Kill to list


So true. It’s amazing how many sub B-movies from the 50s and 60s they have. And it keeps recommending colourised versions of classic old movies because I watched a few black and white movies. Just show me the originals!


I don’t understand this article. Is she watching movies she knows she will hate as some kind of badge of honor? Just to prove she can? Just fodder for an article? I get the attraction of B movies, I’m a big fan myself, but those have a charm, a can-do attitude that makes them fun to watch and root for. Watching a movie that’s terrible or just half-assed though, that’s just punishment. Of course, I don’t get the concept of “hate watching” either, so that may be part of it.


All of the above? There are several websites and Youtube channels and podcasts dedicated to watching terrible movies, so it’s not like she’s alone in this. I definitely plan to watch a couple of the ones she lists myself.