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Considering the writer at least got paid for her effort, I would guess there was at least some positive outcome, but you would really watch something like that Seagal movie she describes just for the hell of it? It’s not even interestingly bad, like The Room, or a character study of people who make bad movies, like American Movie, or bad just because it’s cheap, like your average Corman movie. It just has no craft and no love, and I harbor a suspicion that you may lose a tiny part of yourself, sanity if nothing else. The abyss also looks into you.


There was a period of about 6 months around 2004-2005 that me and my friends went on a bit of a B-movie binge. We would watch them together and howl with laughter over their silliness. The key, we found, was finding movies that still had something good at the core of them. They might be ridiculous and over-the-top and low budget, but if they were actually bad or mediocre, then they weren’t even that much fun to make fun of.

By the way, the most reliable way we found of finding these “decent” bad movies was to go down the catalog of Christopher Lambert. It seems like after Highlander he did nothing but schlock. Mostly sci-fi schlock. But man, it’s good stuff. Like there’s a couple of Fortress movies that were really fun, and a few others.


You may consider this hair-splitting, but I make a definite distinction between B-movies and terrible movies. Because a movie can be really great in spite of its low budget, or inexperienced crew, or even bad writing, but a terrible movie just has no care, it does nothing to pull you in and in fact actively pushes you away. It has no reason to be, like The Emoji Movie or Gigli or something.

Christopher Lambert is a B movie legend, Fortress is wonderful. It’s got Jeffrey Coombs and Kurtwood Smith for pete’s sake!


Yeah, I guess I’m not familiar with that lingo. I guess I loved watching B-movies with my friends. But it was tough finding B-movies among the terrible movies, using your lingo. For every Christopher Lambert gem we found, there were a lot of truly terrible stuff that was just a complete waste of our time.

I wonder if there’s a website that chronicles the best of the B-movies, like Fortress?

Edit: I just looked up Fortress on IMDB. I remembered the movie took place “in the future”. It took place in 2017. Heh.


Indeed. And for the best of the bad movies that is engrossing in and of itself. Like, how can they be making these terrible decisions, constantly? How do you make multiple moves with apparently no understanding of how cuts happen, or blocking? For all its fame, The Room is far from alone in these qualities. I’m not going to say every film in that article is like that (from what the writer said, very few were), but enough terrible movies have enough interesting qualities that there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had. Unfortunately this hobby does mean you have to sit through some really boring shit occasionally.


Watched The Maus over the weekend and give it a solid C for Alma Terzic’s lovely, sad-sad eyes.


Under the Skin is now on (US) Netflix. I don’t think I liked it, personally, but there’s no denying it’s a unique and mesmerizing movie.


Extinction was… more unique than anticipated. Not amazing, but waaaaaay better than How it Ends.


Agreed Dan, interesting Twist. I didn’t hate it :)


This documentary just showed up on Netflix. Everyone should watch it just to protect yourselves in the future. If you thought Big Pharma was bad, the medical device industry is much worse, especially with the relaxation in regulations. It will only get worse.


Aha, that confirms the rumors I heard. A few years ago after all the scandals of pharma all the reps went to devices. They said that’s where the money is. [Heart stents] are a big one,(, recently proven work just as well as a placebo :)

One bit of trivia is apparently British people are allowed to give placebos to sick people, whereas it’s considered “unethical” in the USA. I wonder how much of that is fallout from the Tuskagee experiments (untreated syphilis) and how much is just so convenient for medical studies.


Thought it was a decent flick too. Clunky in parts but “the twist” was interesting.



Extinction was ok but there were too many plot holes for it for really work well. I just couldn’t get past the fact that the “secret” was completely unsustainable, especially over the time span mentioned. It also relied too much on how they portrayed the enemy. It was kind of like an extended episode of the Outer Limits. I liked the basis of the movie, I just felt it wasn’t executed all that well. It is worth watching as long as you temper expectations.


Maybe people are already aware of it, but it’s impossible to search the forums for a movie called The Voices, which I just watched on Netflix. It has Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton (who I mostly know from Byzantium), and Anna Kendrick. It is a really twisted and disturbing film, which is also sort of a comedy.

What I found most odd about it, though, is that it is directed by Marjane Satrapi, who wrote the comic book “Persepolis” about growing up in revolutionary Iran, and then directed the animated movie based on that. She didn’t write The Voices though, that was some guy who’s written a bunch of TV episodes and… Paranormal Activity 2? How the hell did this movie get made?

It’s not a horror movie exactly, although if you don’t like horror movies it probably won’t appeal. It’s more like a psychological thriller except that makes it sound crappy.


I saw it!



Oh, yeah, well, what Tom said. I maybe liked the “mean and ugly” parts 10% more than you did, but otherwise, yeah.


It looks like Song of the Sea is back on Netflix. If you haven’t seen that one before, it’s an excellent movies that gives you all the feels you can handle, and touches on a lot of different part of Irish mythology.


The Rover is on Netflix. Another completely flipping brilliant movie from David Michod, with Guy Pearce starring as a laconic loner in a uniquely single-minded quest to retrieve his car from some hoodlums (including Robert Pattinson in a role that is both decidedly non-ego boosting and stunningly acted) through the dying remains of civilization in Australia. Highly recommend.


So not a Mad Max but a kind of “laid back” Max? Sounds interesting, wil check it out.


I mean, it’s a very vengeful quest.