Netflix movie finds

I’m watching the silly but heartfelt Rebel Wilson vehicle Senior Year and really enjoying it. Probably because I find the lead funny and brilliant in everything she’s in, but also for some great casting of other parts (Chris Parnell as Stephanie’s dad for starters). Bit of a guilty pleasure.

Watched Archive the other day. It’s ultimately a bit silly, and the twist is spottable almost from the beginning - it’s the exact same twist as Ubik - but not a terrible way to spend a couple hours.

FYI when I went to look for Archive last night I found it on Prime Video, not Netflix. Nevertheless, thanks for the rec.

Definitely Netflix in the UK.

I really liked the first two episodes; I thought they were connected, like the Vietnam sequence was the beginning of the alien invasion, and in Texas 2020 it was in full swing. I’m probably still going to think that for my headcannon.

I dipped out on the third episode after I realized everything was meant to be disparate?

I enjoyed the “God” episodes; they seemed to be saying things I have often thought. The butler is like, a horseman of the apocalypse or something.

“Zygote” was pretty good, although a tale oft told. Very good work on the monster. It reminded me a little bit of “Superdeep” on Amazon Prime. It was like a video game I’d want to play. Half Life or Teleglitch type thing.

Starflightdream, what show is that in regard to? That sounds interesting but I can’t tell what you are discussing.

Also, let me post a gentle reminder that in multi-show/game/book/movie threads, it is helpful to directly mention the specific item you are referencing, preferably in bold or other form of emphasis.

Ah, sorry. It was “Oats Studios”; very generic name: I thought it was intentionally ironic at first, because the content is quite fresh imo.

My body is ready

Watched this the other night. I can agree with all of this and Tom’s writeup.

And yet, as low-budget action fare goes, I finished the popcorn and the movie and didn’t mind the time as I had mostly disengaged the mind for action movie fluff.

If that’s the worst movie of 2022, 2022 is shaping up to be a pretty awesome year for movies!

Everything Everywhere All At Once, Doctor Strange, RRR already make this one of my favorite years ever. If Thor Love and Thunder delivers, it may just be the best ever

Is that first one available on a streaming channel? I keep hearing about it.

You can buy Everything Everywhere All at Once on all the streaming services for $20.

Hopefully it will appear on one of the subscription services soon-ish…

Jeez I hope so, I’m already paying for HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+…

Its totally worth the price of admission though.

Plus Regal Fox Tower and several other theaters nearby still have showings today. Just saying!

Everything is an A24 movie, and they have an exclusive streaming deal with Showtime for all their theatrical releases until November 2022.

These are for their theatrical releases. A24 also has a separate deal with Apple, but those are direct-to-streaming.

Tom talked about Interceptor in a more elevated fashion, but yeah, I can’t really disagree with anything Joe said. I think the difference is that Tom recognizes and embraces what’s beautiful about it, in a similar spirit to what the MST3k guys do.

Did anyone make a thread for this?

Not that I’ve seen. I probably won’t watch it for a few days.

On a tangentially related note, every time the title of this movie pops up in my news feed or wherever, I get Neutral Milk Hotel’s Gardenhead stuck in my head.

Definitely not a ‘find.’

Haha, I watched the first ten minutes of the Man From Toronto so that you don’t have to.

While I thought I would watch Woody Harrelson in anything, I could not watch him in this.

“Find” yourself another movie, folks.