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Oh, he’s Mad. He just keeps it all bottled up inside.


From another thread, Tom asked me this a few years ago:

And I recommended Highway and Haider. The former being my favorite movie of 2014 and still one of my favorites. The latter is a remake of Hamlet.

As of last week, both movies are now on Netflix. I don’t know for how long, so I would highly recommend checking them out. Especially Highway. Haider can be a bit long-winded and over-dramatic because it is Hamlet, after all.


Ill jump in and add Dangal and Bahubali

Two very different styles, each uniquely Indian. Dangal is a biopic, Bahubali a mythical epic.

They are also both on Netflix.


Good call on Dangal. I’m not sure if I’d describe it as a biopic though. I would say sports movie. Chak De India is another sports movie I enjoyed, but it’s no longer on Netflix sadly. That’s the movie that truly made me realize just how many different languages and cultures India has.

And a good reminder that I should get around to Bahubali sometime.


Fair, I’m not sure how to classify it either. I named it such because it is biographical in nature, even if framed around competitive wrestling.

Bahubali is utterly absurd. And so utterly Indian in form. That’s what makes it interesting to me, the shape of the story is one freed from the influences of western cinema.


both parts!


Saw the trailer for Hold the Dark on Facebook. New from Blue Ruin/Green Room director. Looks fantastic. September 28.


From the other thread, I recommended this movie a while ago, it’s on Netflix now.

I also noticed they added two recent Akshay Kumar movies to Netflix: Toilet and Padman. (I haven’t seen either of those, so don’t know if they’re worth recommending yet).


Haider was real good.


Looking forward to this one.


I saw a movie called Lion. It’s an Indian movie, for the most part, but a lot of it also takes place in Australia, and it stars Nicole Kidman. It’s based on a true story, and is very touching. Looking back, it’s a simple story, but it’s told so well, you get lost in it.

Off-topic, but it occurred to me while watching this movie just how much scenes in movies impress me when they’re not possible to do yet in a video game. There’s scenes in this movie with so much detail on the screen at once. Not only is that visually appealing, I think the video game appreciation part of my brain also pings me and says “wait, this scene shouldn’t be possible, there’s too much detail”. Does that happen to anyone else while watching movies?


Dev Patel (“Slumdog Millionaire”) is also in it. But the real star of the film is the “Young Saroo”, played by Sunny Pawar.

Its a fantastic performance by him and makes the film.

Looking at that link, I did not know he was in Sacred Games, on Netflix as well, which is a little too silly because the lead character in that is wearing a uniform like 3 sizes too small.


I did want to recommend Maniac, which is covered here:


Not a movie!


Since I enjoyed How it Ends so much on Netflix, I’m going to try their other apocalyptic movie Extinction soon. Since everyone at Qt3 hated How it Ends, and I thought it was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, maybe Extinction will follow the same pattern.


Now with the obnoxious dead man’s trigger: “Play Next Episode In 5 Seconds” during the credits everything is a movie.


You can switch that off.


Yeah, I love watch TV series on Netflix even more thanks to Ginger_Yellow’s evangelizing of turning that off. The credits are still minimized into a little window. But at least it’s easier to get the controller turned back on and select the window. You have all the time you need. However, movies are a little different. At the end of a movie, you only have 15 seconds I believe before they start showing a trailer for a different movie or tv show. So you have to get your controller turned on quickly and select the credits if you want to finish watching the credits to the movie you just finished.


This exchange made me laugh out loud because I had a similar reaction to Maniac. It really felt like a movie when I binge watched it over an afternoon/evening. More so than any other series I can think of.


As Above, So Below popped up on Netflix recently. Gave it a watch and was pleasantly surprised. It is a horror movie taking place in the catacombs under Paris. Nice and eerie.