Netflix movie finds


The part where the guy got stuck is a nice piece of claustrophobic film making. It was pretty outstanding in the theater on the big screen. I think that carries the film, which gets a little too wacky as it moves on.


Now I’m not really a big Christmas person, but this looks kind of fun and I’ll watch Kurt Russell in just about anything -


I thought that was The Kenny Rogers Christmas Special.


I’m in. It’s Kurt.


Random aside; one Kurt Russell movie I enjoyed which seemingly nobody else did was Soldier. It was a fairly simple film, but something about it resonated with me. So now when I see something like the above, I think of adapting random quotes from the film such as “Santas deserve Santas, sir.”


“I’m going to deliver presents to them all, sir.”


“What’s in the bag, bunch of toys?”
“Good, thought so. What are we gonna do, deliver them to kids?”
“Good, thought so.”


What the heck are you guys quoting? The new Kurt Russell christmas movie? I thought that wasn’t out yet? Are you quoting Soldier? Does he deliver presents in that movie?


I love it when you get all “wanting to solve the geek-movie mystery”.


@ChristienMurawski has taught me that quoting movie lines out of context can often bring out good writing better than the actual movie can.

But it does drive me crazy when I don’t know what’s going on.


“Why me? I don’t give a fuck about your Christmas… or your Lists.”
“Is that your answer?”
“I’m thinking about it.”
“Think hard. You flew the Sleigh over Leningrad. You know how to get in quiet. You’re all I’ve got.”
“I guess I go in one way or the other. Doesn’t mean shit to me. Give me the presents.”


Apostle this Friday, and now this the next. A big month on Netflix for The Raid alumni.


I’ve got my first Christmas quest, and I might just fail. my sister sent me this.

And the characters at the end, have her gushing. I must find out if Netflix intends to release products in time for the holidays.


Hello and welcome to 11 posts ago. :)


Oops you’re right. Sorry

There is definitely not enough talk about the elves my sister is gushing over right now though.


This is now on Netflix.

Required viewing before watching China Salesman:


Oh boy. Feels slightly less dynamic than…

(Also on Netflix, btw. At least over here.)


Which I reccomend. It’s on US Netflix (also? No idea where you’re from JD)

It works well because they emphasize the difference. Tyson was slow and powerful, Yen could get him but wasn’t doing much damage. I liked the way they choreographed it.


You know, honestly, I have considered just maintaining membership when shows like Ozark drop and cancelling the rest of the year. Because, I really only use Netflix for that now. The movie selection pretty much is garbage.


They’re trying to make sure that at least one series you want to watch hits every month, so that won’t work for long.