Netflix movie finds


I am really not sure. The only Netflix shows I care about enough to watch when dropping are Ozark, The Crown and Mindhunter.


They’re adding more all the time though, specifically for that reason, and across all sorts of genres so they hit everyone.


I hear you. But none of their upcoming stuff appeals to me at all. And their documentaries have entered Tin Foil hat land.

After JAN, and Mindhunter/The Crown, I am going to cancel for a few months.


Yep, I’m already ahead of you. I used to subscribe every month, just for the sake of my old price being grandfathered in. But once they changed my price, I began thinking “hey wait, I watched nothing on Netflix for the last two months, that was a waste of money”. So when I was without Netflix for a few months, it didn’t bother me much. Though to be fair, this month, I had quite a few things to catch up on. So many that I think I’ll subscribe through November as well, just to catch up.


What I do is share with my family. They use it way more than I do.


I can’t imagine not having anything to watch on Netflix for two months. It would take me months to clear my backlog.


Well, I don’t have “Bad Movie Nights”. :)


I mean even without movies. I have hundreds of hours of TV in my list.


Any TV I was binging or getting caught up on, I’ve already seen. That includes a lot of old stuff. In terms of original content, I am only into 3 shows (enumerated above) at present.


This also. But I go months with little to no media viewing - just not in that sort of mood.


Indeed, with 5 of us sharing the account (myself, wife, 3 kids), each with our own profile (to avoid messing up the recommendations of the others), there is pretty much permanently someone watching Netflix. It’s incredible value and there is no way we could go a month without it.

By the way, not exactly a movie find. But they recently added Wonder (at least in UK):

My 11 year old daughter dragged me to see it at the cinema earlier this year. And while I would not recommend it to everyone, if you have a better half or a daughter who likes movies about kids overcoming difficult situations (or enjoy those movies yourself), it was very watchable.


Sadly, they don’t add movies to U.S. Netflix, only TV shows. (This is only a slight exaggeration). That’s one of the things I loved about Netflix when they were letting me run that service that let’s you change countries. UK and Canada and a few other countries get so many great movies on Netflix! It was great. But when they started cracking down on that, I stopped using it.


Sure, and that’s part of what I can’t understand. In the last couple of weeks: new Better Call Saul, The Good Place, Bojack Horseman and American Vandal, Coming up in the next month, Hasan Minahj, Narcos and MST3K.


I only dig Better Call Saul on that list, and that isn’t on US Netflix. I subscribe on Amazon.

And MST3K, its not “Must see”. I can do that in JAN with my other shows and then cancel for a few months.


It is, they just don’t carry it as it airs.


Right, which is when I watch it. This is what I am saying…Netflix is slackin’. 3-5 shows for me, only 3 of which are “must see immediately” for me. I can do that two months a year. Every JAN and SEP.


By the Way:

Netflix Reports Strong Growth in New Subscribers

Streaming video giant added 6.96 million users in the third quarter, surpassing the company’s forecast and sending shares higher

Netflix Inc. NFLX 3.98% exceeded expectations for adding subscribers during the third quarter, reporting strong user growth in international markets as it continues to invest heavily in its global programming offerings.


I’m not really surprised that they’re doing great in international markets, where they can actually get the programming that people want.


There were a few great television shows in the 1940s and ’50s, just as there are occasionally great Netflix movies too. (Who doesn’t want to see CGI-de-aged Al Pacino and Robert De Niro team up with Martin Scorsese again on The Irishman ?) But when Minow described television in 1961, calling it a swamp of “formula comedies about totally unbelievable families, blood and thunder, mayhem, violence, sadism, murder” he could have been talking about the “New Arrivals” section of Netflix. (“You will see a few things you will enjoy,” Minow conceded. “But they will be very, very few. And if you think I exaggerate, I only ask you to try it.”)


Most movie that get released aren’t very good regardless of what venue.