Netflix movie finds


Netflix movies don’t have to be good. A theatrical release’s quality – well, commercial success, at any rate – is measured by its box office take. But that’s not how Netflix works. As long as a movie isn’t so bad you cancel your subscription, they don’t have to care. There’s pretty much no financial incentive for Netflix to finance good movies.



Well, there’s some element of drawing in new people with award-winning movies etc, but I imagine they don’t get enough out of that to really push for it.


So. I watched The Night Comes For Us. It’s a deleriously, absurdly violent cartoon. It’s trash. So, so delicious, gourmet trash.

And the image of blood-drenched, one-sleeved, all-black clad Julie Estelle pulling off on of her fingers is…well. Sticky.

It might have a legitimate chance of cracking my top ten of the year.


Also to clarify, I don’t buy “All Netflix movies suck”. I’ve watched many good ones which will depend on your preference. It’s they are flooding the service with so much stuff. Things get buried.

Heck I fired up to start watching the new Daredevil season. I had to search for it cause it didn’t show in new or trending, that would have never happened even a year ago. It would have been right at the top.

Also admit their strength in content is much more on the series front than movies though.


The new and trending sections are heavily influenced by your recent viewing history, confusingly. After I watched Bahubali a bunch of Bollywood stuff started appearing there, which never had before. Similarly it started populating with anime after I watched the recent Godzilla movie.


I find they’ve made it effectively impossible to find the things they’ve added so I rely on external information. And probably miss things that would be up my alley.


Agree 100%. I await premiere/release notifications or word of mouth.

No, about 70% do. The rest are mediocre at best. But there are a LOT of them


I dunno if everybody who’d possibly be interested has already seen it, but I watched Train to Busan on Netflix. I really liked it. Usually Korean horror movies confuse me (everybody loved The Host, but I was more boggled than entertained), but this one was pretty western-friendly, I thought. Great zombie crowd effects (even if they were obviously effects), and the little girl really brought it.

Not as good as Wormwood: Road of the Dead maybe, but still quite good.


Seconded. Tight premise, well executed.


Don’t know if it has been there a while or not, but The Raid Redemption is available for viewing

I also see a couple of other Iko Uwais films, including a new one I have not seen yet entitled The Night Comes For Us … but it is not zombies - it’s Triad mobsters. (Edit: Saw it later, not very good).


It’s been there for a year, at least.

But worth watching.


I did not really enjoy this movie which saddens me.


Well, that’s a bummer. I haven’t seen it yet myself, but might watch it with the kids. Would you say it’s small kid appropriate?


I don’t recall anything that really stood out, but I’m pretty sure this was meant for elementary kids and parents desperate for any new holiday special they can find. There are some subjects/jokes and nods to themes they might not fully realize but it seemed pretty mild to me. I think the really young would get bored with it pretty early on though

It needed more Kurt Russell, he’s not the problem, and more elves and a lot less of… everything else. Parents and kid deserve better, but it might be somewhat entertaining simply due to Russell.


Watched Apostle. It was excellent.

Period Piece. Strange cult on an Island that is hostile to outsiders. A man with a mysterious past with nothing/everything to lose. The House. Lovecraft stuff.

Don’t watch the trailer holy crap.


Whelp I keep disappointing myself with bad Netflix movies, but I will keep trying.

DUMPLIN’ Official Trailer (2018) Jennifer Aniston, Netflix Movie

This looks cute.


Do you like westerns? The Cohens recent Netflix release Balad of Buster Scruggs is pretty good I think


Sometimes. I watched new True Grit again last night just because. I am slow to get through Netflix but I have found since I’ve had access to Netflix I do as close to channel surfing without cable as I have in years. I don’t think I have enjoyed a Netflix movie yet, but I haven’t seen very many of them either, yet.

I’ll have to check it out!


Have you seen Beasts of No Nation? I believe that was one of their first. Hard to watch at times but excellent movie.


I think i glanced at that one. It seemed like the subject matter would be really, really hard to watch.