Netflix Problem?

I can’t get my instant watch to work. 10 secs into any video and the red loading bar pops up and the video stalls. Is this a Netfix problem? i don’t think i changed any thing important recently.

I have been using the XBOX 360 watch instantly all evening, with no problems. So it cant be happening everywhere…

i got 3 min of Winterbone to play so it must be a connection problem…i think…

Did you upgrade to IE9 recently? I have that issue whenever I try to use Netflix with IE ever since installing the upgrade. I had been using IE for Netflix only because I was of the (mistaken) impression that only IE could run Netflix because of the Silverlight plugin. However, Firefox has worked flawlessly for me.

I googled the problem, and it seems lots of people are reporting this issue with IE9.

Yay! Firefox works! Thanks Hansey! Not sure what changed in IE…not using IE9…i did empty the cache. It’s still choking on the download and takes 5-10 times longer than any other browser to bring up any page. Gee, 20 years working on IE and MS still hasn’t fixed it…that’s not good. Might be my fault for using XP.

It works fine in Chrome, too, just FYI. (Since we’ve determined that it’s an IE9 error.)