Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop




Well I for one think this sounds like a cool idea and am really curious to see what Netflix does with the property. Cowboy Bebop was my intro to anime and still my favorite. OK, still the only one I ever really liked.

Well, there are some live-action adaptations of anime on Netflix already. Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Kakegurui, Death Note - none of which was well-received, I think? But who knows, maybe this one will be.

I just started watching the anime and dig it. But a live action series might have broader appeal.

We already have a live action Cowboy Bebop. It’s called Firefly.

I’m not totally against the idea of a Cowboy Bebop remake or whatever. It’s been 20 years since the original series. My apprehension comes from the fact that exactly zero of the live-action anime remakes have been good.

If Yoko Kanno isn’t involved, I’m not even a little curious. The music of Cowboy Bebop is essential.

And better be spared the Japanese school of inane acting.

Damn right. The style and setting were good, but it was he music that made it transcendent.

It is one of the rare few soundtracks I listen to as a stand alone.

The soundtrack is something else, to be sure. I imported three soundtrack CDs from Japan shortly after I discovered Cowboy Bebop back in what, '98? '99? Paid $40 each for them as I recall, which was no small change for me. But totally worth it.

We simply don’t know yet. I hope with every fiber of my being that this somehow ends up with the Seatbelts playing some shows again. Hell, I might just go to Japan to see them if I have to.

Bebop is one of those things that is perfect at being what it is. I have no faith whatsoever in this remake coming anywhere close to the original.

On the subject of Yoko Kanno’s brilliance, the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex soundtrack is also absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended.

(Also that show is A+ best cartoon ever except maybe for Bebop, so watch that too.)

Right, and when the movie was announced I prayed that meant we would get new music, but all we got was bitter disappointment.

I’ll at least try this, just because cowboy Bebop was one of my favorite series ever.

I mean, I’m expecting to be disappointed. But I’ll watch it.

See, that’s my reason for not watching these things.

“Want to watch the thing you already saw and liked, only shittier?”

No, not really. I can just watch the one that was good again if so inclined.

Yeah, there’s really no call for this. If these people want anime fan revenue, they can easily fund new high-quality anime from some prestige studio for an exclusive run.

Come on now, much as I like Cowboy Bebop it could definitely be improved. It’s got some really good episodes and some that just serve no purpose. They can ditch some of the goofy crap, the pulling faces - hell, they could drop Edward completely and I’d be ok with it.

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