Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell 2045

This looks like a bad Fortnite joke.

Is this a thing or is someone with moderate Blender skills bored on Twitter?

It’s a clip from the new show just released yesterday with shit character designs by some Russian dude. Also that character is a self-insert of himself.


Where is his penis?

You ask that when someone just used the phrase “self-insert”?

I don’t understand what’s going in this thread, even after watching the video.

Also, holy shit at that release date. I know studios have to plan in advance now, thanks to our pandemic and global warming disasters on the way, but this seems a little extreme.

I think Discourse is bugged and attributed the wrong post to @kerzain here

Wait, that’s not really in the show is it?

Most of this CGI anime looks like garbage. I can think of only a handful that look good.

The thing I don’t understand is that Arc System Works is doing video games that can generate stills that nearly look like they were drawn, but TV producers can’t manage it for their prerendered TV shows, giving us this bad looking halfway crap instead?

Computer artists have only just now mastered boob physics. Dick and nut physics are a while away yet.

I thought Beastars looked pretty good but that’s one of the few.

I watched the first episode. There are parts where it looks decent, and parts where it looks terrible. Overall it just looks and feels really weird.

Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig (its second season) were great. This is a direct continuation story wise but it’s garbage.


Original voice actors


Everything else
Garbage character design from some young
Russian punk with DeviantArt profile

So yeah bit more on the CGI, it doesn’t have to look like shit if they put time/effort/money into it.

They made a furry anime? Ugh

I’ll watch this because I’m a sucker for anything GitS. Even that horrible Arise series.

I should just rewatch SAC. I have the dvds!

It’s pretty good. It’s kind of Zootopia meets Riverdale. There’s a whole tension of carnivores v. herbivores and how they work in society all on the backdrop of a boarding school theater group.

Are those both worth watching?

Looks like Land of the Lustrous is Prime Video, and Beastars is on Netflix.

Beastars is pretty great - I had made comments to my partner that the animation was striking even though I couldn’t refer to what made it different.