Netflix Secures Exclusive Rights to Disney Movies

In your face Starz!

It’s the first time that one of Hollywood’s major studios has sold the coveted rights to Netflix instead of a premium TV network such as HBO, Starz and Showtime. DreamWorks Animation SKG (DWA) licensed the pay-TV rights to its movies to Netflix last year under a deal that begins in 2013, but those movies don’t wield the same box-office appeal as Disney, whose stable includes Pixar Animation and Marvel.

Starz currently holds the rights to Disney’s movies under a deal that expires in 2015.

Beginning in 2016, Netflix will be able to show Disney movies about seven months after they leave theaters.

Huge news. This pretty much cements Netflix as the go-to streaming service for parents.


Yeah but holy crap that’s not until 2016.

I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, if it’s -going- to be exclusive, I’d rather it be exclusive to Netflix, which I pay for and occasionally watch. On the other hand, exclusivity is anticonsumer bullshit.

They got a separate deal for catalog stuff that starts now.

Made me chuckle to see that they are taking this away from them after I’m sure Starz was thinking how they had taken it to Netflix by yanking their content from them.

So that’ll include Star Wars, right? Sweet!

Ya know, I couldn’t care less for their exclusive, I want to know if they got a comprehensive deal. If they’re going to put it all up for consumption then kudos. If they’re going to dribble it out to keep the hook set then fuck 'em.

And Marvel, and Pixar…

You gotta imagine that titles will still be subject to the “Disney vault” unless they’re completely changing their strategy.

To a degree, Disney has already changed their strategy, led be Pixar and the release of The Avengers with exclusive on-disc only content. And not just the usual commentary and behind the scenes, Disney is going to be putting short films on practically every disc they release. Sure, you might be able to watch the movie on Netflix, but you won’t get to watch the short films unless you own the discs.

And the Muppets. The Muppet Movie showed up on instant today!

No word on international rights. Pixar stuff isn’t available on any subscription streaming service here in the UK.

I guess you spotted a flux of problems with that…

This makes me silly happy.

Good news. Netflix is still worth what I pay for it because of its TV and classic-movie selection, but nice to see some bigger/newer stuff on the way.

Still no John Carter of Mars, damnit.