Netflix Watch Instantly on 360: Connection Quality Issues

Quick straw poll for NXE Netflix users: how do you find it? Here in southern California on a Time Warner Cable Turbo connection, it’s mixed. Quite often the connection test will show four bars + HD, only to pause and step down in quality once or more a few minutes into the stream. My 360 has a wired connection to the router and I’ve also tested with a direct line to the cable modem and these issues persist.

I called TWC and they insisted it was nothing to do with them. I’m curious, has anyone else had issues?

I see this exact same problem (pause and ‘downgrade’) when watching pretty much any HD stream. I haven’t been able to see a visible reduction in quality though, so I wonder if it’s accurately reporting what’s happening. It may just be “buffering…” but avoiding saying it.

All in all I love the service. Running via an 802.11g wireless connection.